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  • Complete Kite Surf Course - 4 Days Kitesurfing

    Tarifa, Spain

    Learn how to kitesurf with this “complete course”. This course is perfect if you really want to be an independent kitesurfer, with us you will learn everything you need to know how to practice in a...

  • Kitesurfing Course Private 5 days Kitesurfing

    Tarifa, Spain

    Do you want to learn to kitesurf? This is the perfect course for you! Kite Obsession has been teaching for 18 years and delivers the best experience. With a private course, you learn to kitesurf in...

  • Kite the Island - Northwest Point Kitesurfing

    Long bay beach, Turks and Caicos Islands

    Our Kite the Island package see's you travelling around the Turks and Caicos to some of the island best kiteboarding spots on an epic half day adventure. A trip to the Northwest Point offers...

  • Kite Camp Paje Kitesurfing

    Paje, Tanzania

    Our kiteboarding camp package has everything included. We take care of the accommodation in a luxurious beachfront hotel, with the kitesurf school and coffee bar on the same plot. You ‘roll’ from...

  • Yacht & Kite Safari Kitesurfing

    Hurghada, Egypt

    We are the only one that offer this trip all inclusive beer, wine and crew tips. We like to pamper our guests. Aboard the yacht all meals & drinks are prepared for you, so you can completely relax....

  • Beginner Course Kitesurfing

    Lhoknga, Indonesia

    Our goal is to teach you how to become an independent rider, the priority rules and to kitesurf in a safe way. It does not matter if you are a complete beginner or intermediate rider, we suit a...

  • The Full Deal Kitesurfing

    Lhoknga, Indonesia

    You can be sure you will want more!! Choose Seabreeze kite club to have your kite surf lessons in a group or take the kite boarding lessons in a private class. We have many years experience in...

  • The Experience Kitesurfing

    Lhoknga, Indonesia

    We will find a course to suit your needs. During this course, you will discover the world of kitesurfing and you will learn the important skills to have it under control. You can be sure you will...

  • Kitesurfing Special Offer Kitesurfing

    kuciste, Croatia

    Buckle-up and harness yourself for happiness as you lift your spirits and your kite in the magical Maestral wind of Viganj. Learn the excitement and the thrills of wind-powered water sports...

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    More about Kitesurfing

    Kitesurfing is a surface water sport. It combines aspects of wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing and paragliding.