Trekking Amizmiz, Morocco

Amizmiz is a small town in Morocco. It's a small town, so the best way to get around is by foot. Don't iss the Souk on Tuesdays - the local weekly market!

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Afternoon walks Trekking

This trip is for the beginner, as total trek is about two hours. If you want to immerse yourselves in the real life of a Moroccan town, unspoiled by mass tourism and nestled in beautiful surroundings, this walk is for you.

  • Beginners trek

  • Cultural experience

Accommodation is not included in this trip.

We will visit a potter, a bakery and have tea with a berber family. If the trip is booked for a Tuesday, we can visit the souk (Berber market).

This trip takes around two hours to complete.

A cultural and nature experience!

One day trip in the mountains Trekking

This trip is a mix of cultural experience and nature and trekking experience.

  • Eat lunch with the locals

  • Cultural and nature experience

Accommodation is not included in this trip.

The trip will start with a quick visit to a potter in the village. Then we will walk deeper in the mountain to a small Berber village among the High Atlas range. We will visit a family and share a tajine (local food) with them. If you like, you can enjoy temporary henna tattoo or Berber eye's khol. We will return to Amizmiz on a different trail and enjoy a thyme tea on the way home.

The trip takes three to four hours to complete.

Enjoy both food, culture and the stunning nature.

Two days trekking to Ouirgane Trekking

While appreciating the spectacular views and steady climb, you will find yourself among stunning greenery, red-earth hills and pine forests.

  • Two days trekking

  • Nature experience

Accommodation is included in this trip.

We will walk around six hours per day, overnight and then do another six hours walk back to Amizmiz.

This trip we will walk around 6 hours per days, total days are two.

A real nature experience of Morocco!

About the location


Accommodation is not included in the packages, but can be arranged at nearby located hotel.


Amizmiz is located around 55 kilometers south of Marrakesh. The town lies at the foot of the High Atlas mountain range. Its population of approximately 11,000 consists mainly of Berbers of Chleuh origin who speak the Shilha dialect.


Food is not included in the trips.


We arrange trekking tours from just a couple of hours to two days, or specially arranged for your needs.


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