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Hiking Hilo, United States

Arnott's Lodge & Hiking Adventures is located in Hilo, Hawaii. The Lodge is located near a beautiful wilderness coastline that is a must to visit, with turtles year round and whales seasonally. We created the lodge for international travelers on a budget who are out to have fun and share their adventures.

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Packages at this location

Valleys & Waterfalls Tour Hiking

Escape the touristy parts of the west coast and slow down to the pace of the laid-back locals. The Valleys & Waterfalls Tour showcases our amazing Hamakua Heritage Coastal region with its diverse scenery; from 400ft waterfalls to bridges crossing deep cleft valleys, each with entirely different vegetation patterns in wild variety.

  • Waterfall scenery

  • Spectacular views

This is a daily tour. This tour is designed to take advantage of both seasonal and daily weather changes, why it can vary from time to time.

The tour does do a store stop where you are able to pick up breakfast, lunch, snacks and liquids.

Volcano Twilight Tour, Big Island of Hawaii Hiking

This tour will take you to Hawaii's most active Volcano. Our tour leaves Hilo and ascends 3000 ft. as the roadside scenery changes from sea level vegetation and coconut trees to lush rainforest and flowering Kahili Ginger plants in profusion. From the beauty of the rainforests flora and fauna to the devastation at Halemaumau Crater, this is a part of Hawaii you don't want to miss and you'll always remember.

This tour runs on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Departure time varies from 2:00pm-3:00pm depending on season.

Minimum 10 years old for kid

Mauna Kea Sunset & Stargazing Tour Hiking

This is a daily tour that leaves in the afternoon, and returns before midnight. The reason is to capture the sunset. We start our tour from Arnott's Lodge and make a quick stop at Rainbow Falls, then go directly to the Onizuka Visitor Center (VIS) at 9200ft (3000m). VIS is a great place to get vigorous short climbs or watch videos on Astronomy and the Telescopes.

  • Afternoon to Midnight hiking tour

  • Closed-toe footwear, warm clothing, a light dinner and water

This is a daily tour.

Challenging tour!

About the location


Arnott's Lodge offers rooms for regular guests, dorm space for backpackers, and a lawn for campers. It is located near a beautiful wilderness coastline that is a must to visit, with turtles year round and whales seasonally.


Hilo is located nearby two volcanoes Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea. Hilo is the wettest and greenest part of the island, with charm and character to spare. Hilo is the biggest community in Hawaii.


Food is not included.


Affordable ecoturism hikes. Arnott's Famous Adventures take you off the beaten path to the most amazing and beautiful places on the Big Island. These are not tours in big 50 passenger luxury coaches. These tours are in individual vans or mini-buses that have a max of 25 passengers to each driver/guide.


  • Wireless Internet

  • Guides

Available activities

  • Daytrips

  • Hiking