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A land shrouded in history and legend, with startling geography, and hidden mysteries. Israel has it all for the modern adventurer. Exteriorate is based in Tel Aviv yet will take you all over this fascinating land. Israel is a new home for so many displaced by the diaspora, here you will find an exciting mix of cuisines and any required accommodations.

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Make a splash – Black Canyon rappelling Canyoning

Make a splash, escape the heat in the cool waters of the Black Canyon. Nakik HaShahor the Black Canyon is named after the fact that it is often shaded throughout the day, making the crystal clear waters dark and refreshing. You will spend an exciting day swimming, exploring and rappelling waterfalls. Discover the un-trod paths of this National Park coming face-to-face with exquisite birds, toads and flowers.

Day 1 – Black Canyon

Begin the day at the Judea reserve in Northern Israel. Hike into the Black Canyon and spend the day rappelling and swimming.

All year round

You are required to be able to swim. No rappelling experience is required, this will be taught on the day.

Rappelling Rahaf Canyon Canyoning

At the heart of the Judean desert, you will find the refreshing waters of the Rahaf Canyon. These waters provide the beating heart of the desert, bringing life to this arid landscape. You will be gobsmacked by the bird life found in this wilderness. Rahaf translates as hovering and is an apt description for the birds gathering around these white rock pools. With ropes, ladders and the art of rappelling you will explore this amazing place.

Day 1 – Rahaf Canyon

Enjoy a rappelling descent into the water pools of the Rahaf canyon, then swim and walk your way out of the canyon.

All year round

Rahaf Canyon, otherwise known as the "Black Canyon" is very distinct and unique in its characteristics. "Because of these waters, the canyon is filled with life, especially birds which gave the nickname of this canyon ("Rahaf" in Hebrew means "Hovering", which is the way these birds fly over the canyon." This evocative mix of wildlife and the rugged appearance of the canyon makes for a really special experience.

Spirit and adventure -rappelling in the Qumran Canyoning

Feel a sense of mythic adventure, as you rappel into the hidden secrets of the ancient Essenes. Enjoy panoramic views of the Dead Sea, as you rappel down spent waterfalls, and explore long-forgotten caves where mysterious artefacts have been unearthed. There is no better way to visit the ancient archaeological site of Qumran.

Day 1 – Dead Sea Scrolls - Qumran

An easy walk leads you to the top of the canyon where you will begin your rappelling adventure.

All year round

"Because of these waters, the canyon is filled with life, especially birds which gave the nickname of this canyon ("Rahaf" in Hebrew means "Hovering", which is the way these birds fly over the canyon." Entering the hidden caverns, or rather rappelling above them, you will experience what the archaeologists experienced when first discovering this ancient and hidden treasure. Full guided rappelling, accompanied by all the info and guidance you could need.

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You will find a full range of accommodation options throughout Israel, with centres like Tel Aviv having plenty of choices. As well as hotels, B & B’s and hostels, there are options for camping in many of the National Parks and Nature reserves. Near Tel Aviv, there is the Palmahim Beach, National Park, where camping options are available.


You will find non-stop action in Tel Aviv: Israel’s second largest city. The mercantile, and technology hub for Israel, often described as a 24-hour party. Tel Aviv has an exciting nightlife and vibrant culture with over 2.5 million international visitors per annum. Located on the Mediterranean coastline, you can enjoy the golden sands of Tel Aviv’s 13 beaches. Why not take a short trip to the historic port of Jaffa? Where you can relax and shop in art-studios, restaurants, and boutiques. In fact, you can shop until you drop in Tel Aviv with plenty of retail options including the Shuk Harcarmel, an exquisite bustling market on Carmel Street. Be fascinated by the White City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with over 4,000 Bauhaus-style buildings. Tel Aviv has a Meditteranean climate with hot dry summers and mild winters, most of the rain falls between October and April. Tel Aviv is a major transport hub, with access to international and local flights, plus rail, bus and taxi services.


You will experience the most tasteful aspect of the Jewish diaspora when you visit Israel. Delight your taste-buds with modern Israeli Jewish fusion cuisine. A combination of foods traditionally eaten in the Middle East, Levantine, and the Mediterranean, mixed with the culinary traditions of all those countries to which the Jewish people were dispersed. For a meal on the run, stop at a street vendor or cafe for the famous falafel or shwarma usually served inside pita bread. For more substantial meals make sure you try aubergine with baba ganoush, or perhaps one of the many amazing salad options, and of course the wide range of schnitzel. If you have a sweet tooth you will find plenty of pastries and ice-cream. There are fabulous options for all diets, the Israeli diet is normally meat light, but there are plenty of carnivorous choices.


You will explore unique and hidden Israeli sites, with professional guides. You can choose optional levels of canyoning or caving - from the extreme to the sedate all tailored to your requirements. Take your pick of Israeli locations from the vast Eilat Desert in the South to the panoramic North. If you desire canyoning/rappelling try out the Black Canyon (Nakik HaShahor), or Rahaf Canyon, or the Qumran. or the Shilat Cliff. If you prefer caving then explore the Salt Cave, or Salamanders Cave, or Monks Cave, or Huta 6 Cave, or the Alma Stalactites. If caving or canyoning do not suit your fancy, then experience life as a Bedouin or learn primitive skills. There is truly something for everyone.


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