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Prepare the perfect agenda to enjoy the excitement of Kenya. Come close to the heart of Africa as you enjoy white sandy beaches, snow-capped mountains, diverse national parks, dense forests and exceptional wildlife. Experience time from a geological standpoint in the Great Rift Valley. Find the spirit of Africa in the histories and struggles of the Kenyan people the Maasai, the Samburu, the Kikuyu, the Turkana, and the Swahili.

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Choose happiness and freedom, as you design the perfect bespoke African safari for your needs and wants. Sara will help you to design the perfect safari with outstanding locations, an abundance of wildlife, exciting activities, wonderful accommodation, and absolutely no stress. No stone will be left unturned – Sara will use all her numerous contacts and extensive knowledge to make this the best ever safari.

Choose from a fabulous array of accommodation that Sara will make available to you.

Sara will ensure you have the best itinerary for your perfect safari Be happy and feel free to do what you please.

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The budget will affect when you go and the luxury level you expect; $800+ pp a day would be a good starting point for an all-inclusive safari.

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Choose from a fabulous array of accommodation that Sara will make available to you.


Enjoy the success of Kenya’s conservation efforts. Kenya was a pioneer in the use of armed rangers to protect its iconic wildlife and endangered species. Today you can enjoy the benefits of this programme enjoying an outstanding range of wildlife brought back from the brink of extinction. Your journey will make a difference helping to improve and sustain these conservation efforts. Experience the ‘call of the wild’ in the Masai Mara as you follow the tracks of wildebeest and zebras and their predators. See the magic of colour with Black Rhinos, Red Elephants and Pink Flamingos. Touch and feel geology in the raw with mountains and rifts, deserts and forests. Epic landscapes that will fill your heart with awe. Discover the people who live within these harsh and beautiful environments, the farmers, the hunters and the gatherers. Cultures that extend back into the very birth of human civilization. Sara will help you to design the perfect agenda to journey through Kenya. From the Indian Ocean Coast to its inland lakes, rivers and deserts. Kenya has three international airports - Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Moi International Airport, and Wilson Airport, making travel to Kenya is reasonably easy.


Enjoy fabulous food as you travel with Sara, making sure she shows you all the best restaurants and vendors. Whilst in Kenya try out the local irio. A recipe from the Kikuyu people, now popular throughout Kenya. It is a hearty meal with potatoes and peas as the staple ingredients and corn is commonly added. Often consumed with grilled meat but tasty on its own. Kenyans are devoted carnivores so do try the fabulous grilled meat nyama choma.


Bespoke African Safari – you design everything. Excellent choices for accommodation and food. Outstanding wildlife experiences. Ballooning is a fabulous way to see the country from above. Mt. Kenya. Maasai Mara. Lamu (beach).


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