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Trekking Kintamani, Indonesia

Kintamani is a village in north east Bali, Indonesia. Widely Kintamani is the name for several villages as: Penelokan, Toya Bungkah, Batur, Kedisan, Abung and Songan villages.
It is located at Mount Batur.

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Mount Abang Trekking Trekking

Located on the east side of Lake Batur, Mount Abang is the highest point on the rim of the Batur caldera and the third-highest mountain in all of Bali at about 2,150 meters. In prehistoric times Abang was part of the larger Batur volcano, which was about 4,000 metres in height. However, a massive eruption split the volcano and created a caldera lake with the smaller cone of Batur on one side and Mount Abang on the other. English speaking guide is provided.

  • Sunrise tour is highly recommended

  • Daily trip

No accommodation is offered for this trip.

The view from the top is simply breathtaking with cloud formations hovering over the lake and the volcanic cone of Batur on one side, and Mount Agung, “the naval of the world,” along with a picturesque coastline on the other.

The trip takes around 4 hours to complete.

We highly suggest the sunrise trek, as the views are absolutely incredible, but we also offer day trips up Abang for those who don’t want to get up before dawn.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Trekking

This tour is one of the most popular. In our opinion, this is something everyone should do at least one time while in Bali.

  • Sunrise trip with stunning view

  • Breakfast included at the top

This is a day trip, why accommodation is not provided.

The tour starts with climbing to the summit of Mount Batur to watch the sun rise over the nearly located volcanos and the stunning caldera lake below. Then we explore the active volcano to see steam pockets, gaping craters and troops of cheeky mountain monkeys.

This is a daily trip.

The trek takes a couple of hours.

Bali Aga Sunrise Trekking Trekking

This trip is often called the ‘original’ Balinese trip because their ancestors were here long before the Majapahit Hindus came over from the island of Java in the 14th century. Today there are only a few Bali Aga villages left, but in those villages the people still practice ancient animistic rituals and retain their unique culture. Trunyan is Bali’s best known Bali Aga village, and a fascinating place to visit. Located on the eastern shore of Lake Batur at the base of Mount Abang, Trunyan is a small village with a temple that dates back to at least the 10th century.

  • Half day trip

  • Great insight in the local life

No accommodation provided for this trip.

This sunrise trek will take you up the caldera wall on the eastern shore of Lake Batur. Once at the top you can take in stunning views of the sun rising behind Mount Rinjani on Lombok and slowly shedding light over the villages, lakes, mountains and sea all along Bali’s eastern coast. After soaking up the sights, we’ll trek down to Trunyan village.

The approximate trekking time is 3-4 hours

This is a trip of around 3 to 4 hours that will give you both a nature experience and a cultural insight in life around the area.

Mount Agung Sunrise Trekking Trekking

Soaring 3,033 metres above sea level, Mount Agung is the highest mountain in Bali and the fifth highest volcano in all of Indonesia. As you might understand, this trip is the hardest we offer. But up there, it's well worth the effort with incredible views!

  • Mountaineering and climbing included

  • Daily trip of 8 or 12 hours

No accommodation offered for this trip.


21.00 to 22:00: pick up at your hotel, pick up time depends by distance of Besakih start point to your hotel.

23:00: Arrive at start point Besakih, here we will present to your coffee break.

23:15: The trek to the peak of mount Agung is beginning

6:00: Arrive at the top of mt Agung, here we can see the spectacular scenery and captivating sunrise. During enjoy the beauty view, we will served breakfast : hot drink, sandwich, and some fresh fruits.

7:30: Go down and go back to the start point

12:00: Arrive at the starting point

13:00: Lunch Time at Kintamani

14:00: Back to your hotel.

We offer two different treks up Agung: one long trek to the higher western peak and one shorter trek to the southern peak. The long trek starts at 11:30pm at Pura Besakih and takes about 12 hours in total. For the shorter trek we start at 2am at Pura Pasar Agung, and the total climbing time is about seven to eight hours.

The trip will take you through the jungle and climbing is necessary. At the top it can get quite cold and windy, but it will all be worth it when the sun starts to rise and turns the sky into a myriad of purple, red and orange hues. As the sun climbs higher in the sky, you will be able to gaze out at the entire island of Bali from above, as well as the neighbouring islands of Lombok and Nusa Penida. Upon arrival at either Pura Besakih or Pura Pasar Agung a car will be waiting for you to take you back to Bali Sunrise Villas for a relaxing buffet lunch.

Batur Caldera Sunrise Trekking Trekking

This trip has been called one of the most beautiful in the world, and locals often refer to this trip as ‘trekking with the gods’. Once at the top of the caldera wall you really do feel as though you are in a sacred space where the peaks of mountains break out above the clouds, the the ocean spreads out on one side and the lake on the other, and the rising sun paints everything in vivid orange and yellow hues.

  • Hourly trip perfect for the unexperienced

  • One of the most beautiful scenery in the world

Accommodation is not provided for this trip.

Your tour starts at Bali Sunrise Villas in Toya Bungkah village with hot drinks and a quick briefing from your English speaking tour guides. Then we make our way to Pura Ulan Danu Batur to begin the easy trek up the caldera wall. The trek only takes about 45 minutes to an hour, which makes this a great option for beginner trekkers or those looking for something slightly less challenging than Agung or Batur.

This trip takes around 45 to 1 hours to complete.

On a clear day you can also see all the way to Mount Rinjani on Lombok and the Gili islands.

Sambangan Nature Hike Trekking

Get off the beaten track on this incredible nature trek that takes you through Sambangan, which is also called ‘The Secret Garden’ of Bali. Here you will pass through emerald green rice paddies and untouched jungle to reach incredible waterfalls cascading down cliffs into crystal clear pools below. Be sure to bring your swimming gear, because you don’t want to miss out on a refreshing dip under the falls.

  • Both trekking and swimming

  • Traditional Balinese feast included

No accommodation offered for this trip.

Your trek starts at 9am from the traditional village of Sambangan located in the north of Bali. Here you will see what life is like in rural Bali far removed from the busy tourist areas. Then we will hike past emerald green rice paddies and deep into the forest to discover some of the island’s most spectacular waterfalls.

Approximate trek time is 3 to 4 hours.

Be sure to bring your swimming gear so you can cool off in the rejuvenating pools and feel the healing energy of the falls gushing over you. After our trek we will have a traditional Balinese feast while enjoying beautiful panoramas and the sounds of nature.

Bedugul Tour Trekking

Located in Bali’s central highlands, Bedugul is much cooler than the rest of the island and awash with natural beauty. Here you will find misty mountains, cobalt crater lakes and lush fields and forests. This comprehensive Bedugul tour takes you on a journey of discovery around this amazing area and beyond. Your tour starts with a trip to the Butterfly Zoo in the village of Wanasari. Here you can see thousands of indigenous butterflies flitting around a beautiful garden. After that we’re off to the spectacular Pura Luhur Batu Karu temple perched on the slopes of Mount Batu Karu, one of Bali’s major mountains.

  • Trip arranged in car with additional trekking

  • Choose between morning and afternoon itinerary

No accommodation offered for this trip.

Choose between morning and afternoon itinerary: MORNING OPTIONS (Please choose up to three of the following options to visit before lunch) TABANAN – BUTTERFLY ZOO Located in the village of Wanasari, this is one of the best butterfly parks in the world. Here you can see thousands of indigenous butterflies, including spectacular bird wings. BATU KARU – MOUNTAIN TEMPLE Gunung Batu Karu (elevation 2,276 meters) is one of the three major mountains of Bali, and it is the holy peak of West Bali. Here we will visit the temple of Pura Luhur Batu Karu with its beautiful panoramic views. This temple was the primary temple of the traditional Kingdom of Tabanan. JATILUIH – BEST RICE TERRACE IN BALI Bali is famous for its amazing sculpted rice terrace ravines, and out of all the rice terraces on the island this is the most unforgettable. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this area features hundreds of lush rice paddies spilling down the side of the hills. Look south and you can see the sea in the distance, or north to soak up views of Mount Agung and Mount Batu Karu. KEBUN RAYA EYA KARYA BALI (Botanical Gardens) Spanning over 120 Hectares on the lower slopes of Gunung Pohon, the botanical gardens are home to an extensive array of flowers and trees, including around 500 different species of orchids. Also nearby is a fine example of a traditional Balinese fruit market. ULUN DANU TEMPLE BEDUGUL Here we will visit the immaculate gardens of the Pura Ulun Danu Bratan temple with its beautiful views of the surrounding lake and mountains. This temple, dedicated to Dewi Danu (Goddess of Water), dates back to the 17th century and reflects both Buddhist and Hindu influences. BUFFET LUNCH AFTERNOON OPTIONS (please choose one of the following options for the afternoon of your tour date). If time permits we can try to go on to the second option. LAKE BUYAN & COFFEE AND CLOVE PLANTATION Another spectacular vista, this is also a popular stopping point for those interested in the agriculture of Bali. GITGIT WATERFALL Around eleven kilometers south of Singaraja, the Gitgit falls are some of the highest and most beautiful in Bali. We arrive at the falls after an approximate twenty minute walk through beautiful rice terraces.

This trip takes around 4 hours to complete.

This is a trip arranged in an air-conditioned car or mini-bus, with additional trekking.

Mount Rinjani Sunrise Trekking Trekking

The trip up Rinjani is definitely challenging, but you won’t regret it when you are perched on the summit looking out over the edge of Lombok across the ocean and to the volcanic peaks of neighbouring Bali and Sumba rising above the clouds.

  • Trip of three days and four nights

  • An unforgettable experience

Accommodation is included in the trip.

Day One
09.00-10.00: leaving your hotel in Bali for transportation to lombok 17.00-18.00: Arrival at Senaru village at Lombok, dinner and stay over night (while we prepare with porters and trekking equipment)
Day Two
Wake up call early in the morning start trail trek to mount Rinjani. Our guide and porters will prepare and serve you meals, drink, along the way. Trek along the national park, see the wild life and feel the nature is completely unforgettable lives experience “that the God’s adventure!!” Arrival at the base camp 2 (two) 1500 m, having the traditional lunch, then continue our trek through the rain forest. And finally we will arrive at the base camp 3(three) 2000m, prepare tents, having night dinner and stay over night.
Day three
Wake up early in the morning continue our trek up to the crater Rim, Arrival at the volcano rim (this is the top point). There we enjoy the spectacular view, morning sunrise, lake view and surroundings. After having breakfast, continue the trail trek down to the magical lake of “Segara Anak”. Arrival at the lake, there we enjoy lunch, swimming in the lake, and enjoy the natural hot spring bath.

Day four
Morning wake up call, having breakfast and enjoy the spectacular view, morning sunrise, lake view and surrounding island. Descent back down to Senaru Village (the finish point of our trek). Arrival at Senaru village, then transportation back to Bali, or boarding mini bus to your next destination in Lombok.

This amazing adventure takes three days and four nights.

This long journey really allows you to get up close and personal with Mount Rinjani. You start by trekking through a rainforest past lush greenery and gnarled tree roots and branches. Then you make your way higher to rockier and cooler climes until you reach the crater rim where you will camp for the night. As the sun rises early the next morning you will be treated to views out over Lombok’s coastline and beyond to the Gili islands and Mount Agung rising above Bali in the distance. After breakfast it’s onwards to the stunning aquamarine lake in the crater, and then to the hot springs where you can soak your tired muscles in the heated natural spring pools. The third day is probably the most challenging, but also the most rewarding, as you will finally make your way to the summit of the volcano. From the top you can watch the sun rise over the entire island of Lombok lighting up the gorgeous crater lake below, as well as the neighboring islands scattered along Indonesia’s Ring of Fire. This is definitely a trek and a half, but also an unforgettable experience like no other.

Penebel to Jatiluwih Trekking Trekking

Hiking from Penebel to Jatiluwih is incredibly peaceful and beautiful. Along our journey we’ll take you over bridges and through the forest past the Besi Kalung (Iron Necklace) Temple where offerings are made to Dewi Sri the goddess of rice.

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

  • Daily trip

No accommodation is provided for this trip.

Along the way you will pass vast swathes of rice paddies replete with petakut (scarecrows) that the farmers make to protect their crops. As the wind blows, hanging tins filled with stones make tinkling sounds to further ward off the birds. Our hike will end at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces. Here thousands of rice paddies spill down the side of the hills in a ripple-like pattern. In the background you can see Mount Agung and Mount Batukaru, and in the other direction you can just make out the sea in the distance.

The trip takes around 4 to 6 hours to complete.

This tranquil trek allows you to take in some of the best the best rice paddy views in all of Bali and experience the laid-back ambiance of this beautiful Balinese farming region where every farmer is king of his own crop.

Ubud Walking Tours Trekking

The interest in Ubud stems from it being the arts and cultural hub of Bali. The creative energy and unique village feel is enigmatic and draws creative and artistic people to its inspirational serenity. Despite all the buzz and activity in and around the Ubud area, Balinese life and tradition still continue with daily offerings, cremations, ceremonies and traditional dances happening in and around its fine dining restaurants, luxury hotels and rejuvenating spas.

  • Explore the real Ubud

  • Monkey Forest

No accommodation is offered for this trip.

To fully understand the cultural contrasts of Ubud we offer two touring options. Our first option would be a walk from your hotel (if in Ubud and ideally located) down to the Monkey Forest. Then this guided tour will take you to the Ubud Market and Ubud Palace, visiting some interesting museums and galleries on the way. Our second option is a nature walk for travelers who want to escape the street buzz and get some fresh air. We start with a stroll through the rice paddies, and then move on to a traditional village and family visit, where you can see the rural side of Ubud and what remains of the true Balinese way of life.

The trip takes around 4 to 5 hours to complete.

Join us is visiting the Monkey Forest, Ubud Market and Royal Palace of Ubud.

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Accommodation is not offered.


Kintamani is a village in north east Bali, Indonesia. Widely Kintamani is the name for several villages as: Penelokan, Toya Bungkah, Batur, Kedisan, Abung and Songan villages. It is located at Mount Batur.


Food can be arranged in our local restaurant.


We offer mainly guided tours on Mount Batur, Mount Agung, Mount Abang and Ubud. But we can arranged other tours upon request.


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