Magical Mexico

Trekking Zapopan, Mexico

Find your mojo in a world of magic and marvels as you put your best foot forward in Mexico. Misty mountains and cloud forests. Dormant volcanoes and snow-capped peaks. Hot steaming jungles and cacti littered deserts. Perfect waves and sandy beaches. Mayan temples and towering pyramids. With great food, fabulous accommodation choices, and wonderfully friendly people.

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Climb Pico de Orizaba Trekking

Reach for the stars as you conquer Pico de Orizaba. Ascend the highest mountain in Mexico and the second most prominent volcanic peak in the world. Known as Star Mountain as it was a reference point for hundreds of kilometres around. Gain unrivalled panoramic views as you observe the Mexican landscape from the summit of this magnificent volcano. On a clear day, you're going to be able to see all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. Traverse marvellous glaciers, rock walls and sand fields - yes there are some challenges and yet the rewards are immense. Start and finish your adventure in Mexico City.

  • All the gear needed for the summit (Ice Axe, Crampons, Harness, Helmet, etc.)

  • All admission fees to enter the Parks are paid.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Mountain days (2nd, 4th and 5th day)

  • Single or double hotel rooms, in one of the best neighborhoods

  • Private transportation from/to your hotel + Airport pick ups/drop offs.

Sleep well at our carefully selected hotels and basecamp.

Day 1 : Introduction to Mexico City
Your amazing experience starts when you land in Mexico City. We’ll pick you up at Mexico City International Airport as soon as your flight arrives. Your driver will greet you and give you the rundown (in English) on what to expect during the next few hours in Mexico City. The driver will take you through the city and drop you at your hotel to get some rest and prepare yourself for the upcoming days of adventure.

Day 2 : Hike to Nevado de Toluca.
After breakfast we will drive to Nevado de Toluca the stratovolcano. To acclimatize our bodies, we begin hiking up to the magical Sun Lake (Laguna del Sol) and Moon Lake (Laguna de la Luna) which are located at the crater of the volcano. Depending on how your body acclimatizes after a few hours of hiking you will have the option to summit Nevado de Toluca. This summit is the fourth highest in Mexico, reaching 15,000+ feet in elevation, it’s a great warm-up trek before the main event. At the end of the day, you will be driven back to your hotel in CDMX. Distance Hiking: 5.5 miles, Starting Elevation: 13,642’ Highest Elevation: 15,384’

Day 3 : Perfect day for rest
Your guides will provide recommendations for restaurant and points of interest so you can explore Mexico City. Do take the day to rest and prepare yourself for trekking Pico de Orizaba. You'll need plenty of energy tomorrow as you get to conquer the biggest summit in Mexico.

Day 4 : Acclimatization at Pico de Orizaba volcano
Pico de Orizaba is the highest summit in Mexico and it’s the third highest mountain in North America. It will take us the next two days to conquer this mountain. We’ll pick you up at 6:00 am and drive for three and a half hours to Tlachichuca, a little town on the base of the volcano. Here at Tlachichuca, we’re going to take off-road vehicles and drive to the refuge “Piedra Grande” (13,700 ft). After we prepare our base camp we’ll have time for an introduction to review all the safe points to conquer the summit, and we will do little warm up hike and then try and get some rest. Distance Hiking: 3 miles, Starting Elevation: 13,924’ Highest Elevation: 13,930’

Day 5 : Summit at Pico de Orizaba volcano
We’re going to wake up early in the morning to begin our trek, set your alarm for 1:00 am. It will be 6 to 8 hours of uphill trekking, full of stunning views. Keep in mind that there is snow and ice at this altitude most months. This trek is challenging, we’ll be reaching over 18,000 feet above sea level when we conquer the summit. Enjoy your view from the top of Mexico! After 4 to 6 more hours hiking downhill, and driving back the dirt road, we’ll go back to the town of Tlachichuca to have a celebration meal (and a few cerveza). We should be back to the hotel around 10:00 pm for a shower and some much-needed rest. Distance Hiking: 5 miles, Starting Elevation: 13,924’ Highest Elevation: 18,523’

Day 6 : Recovery Day
Discuss with your guides the time you want to be back at the airport for this sixth and last day. You’re not going to be a customer anymore, now you’re part of LocalAdventures family, and we’ll be glad to see you in the future to explore another adventure with us.

All year round

Huasteca Potosina Tour Mixed Adventures

Get wet, wild and whimsical in this wonderful world of waterfalls, swimming holes, and lakes. Uncover the secrets of the "Huastecos" who previously occupied this lost paradise hidden in the depths of the jungle. Be amazed at the surrealist architecture of Las Pozas. Be inspired by the Sotano de las Huahuas - an impressive sinkhole with magnificent birdlife. Go whitewater rafting or canoeing on the Tampaon River. Rappel the canyons and turquoise blue waterfalls of La Huasteca Potosina. Start and finish your adventure in Mexico City.

  • Technical Gear All the canyoning and rappelling gear needed - helmet, ropes, etc.

  • National Parks Pass All admission fees to enter the Parks are paid.

  • Medical Insurance For any kind of accident

  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Tour days (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th day).

  • Single or double hotel rooms, in the best areas.

  • Private transportation from/to your hotel + Airport pick ups/drop offs.

Enjoy our carefully selected hotels.

Day 1 : Welcome Day
Your amazing experience starts when we pick you up from the airport. From the first moment of landing in Mexico City, you’ll be in touch with our professional guides. This first day will be for rest at your hotel, an introduction to the city, and to prepare yourself for the next days of adventure.

Day 2 : Departing to Ciudad Valles
Drive to Ciudad Valles, a little city just inside the jungle. Departing at 9 am, we’ll be at our destination around 6 pm to check in at a beautiful and traditional hotel. We can spend the rest of the evening walking around this beautiful little city.

Day 3 : Las Pozas Garden & Sotano de las Huahuas
Visit Las Pozas, The Edward James garden consists of structures made of concrete, located in the middle of the jungle in Xilitla. Most of the structures imitate nature, each of these forms has a meaning that reflects the idealistic, dreamy and surrealistic spirit of its creator. To conclude this day we will enjoy a typical regional meal and then we’ll visit Sotano de las Huahuas. An impressive sinkhole, 230’ in diameter and 1,568’ depth. The abyss serves as a sanctuary for thousands of birds that offer a majestic spectacle when the sun goes down. Stay the night at a hotel.

Day 4 : Level 3 Rafting or Canoe to Tamul Waterfall
Prepare yourselves early in the morning for whitewater rafting on the Tampaon river. A level 3 rafting (moderate). The Tampaon river is the most scenic river in Mexico, with turquoise colour water. Surrounded by rock formations that are just amazing.
– OR –
For those that aren’t as extreme, we offer the option instead of white water rafting to visit the Tamul waterfall by wooden canoe. We’ll be on a canoe expedition through the turquoise blue waters of Tampaon River. We will paddle to the beautiful waterfall measuring 344’ in height! Here we can have a swim and then explore the Sunken Huastec Cenote. Stay the night at a hotel

Day 5 : Canyoning & Rappelling
Continue your adventure with canyoning and rappelling through Micos Waterfalls. Your guides will give you all the information and safe point needed for this activity. It’s going to be a day full of adrenaline. We’ll be jumping and rappelling waterfalls that are more than 165’ high! Stay the night at a hotel

Day 6 : Recovery Day
After enjoying Chiapas for several days, the time has come to return home. According to your flight schedule, we will drive you to the airport. You’re not going to be a customer anymore, now you’re part of LocalAdventures family, and we’ll be glad to see you in the future to explore another adventure with us.

All year round

Hike Nevado de Colima Trekking

Heat it up in the Colima Volcanic Complex. Take a single day to climb and explore Nevado de Colima, one of the highest mountains in Mexico with a height of 14,000 feet and part of the volcanic complex. Enjoy climbing this long dormant volcano and be stunned by the amazing views of Mexico’s most active volcano - the nearby Volcano of Colima also know as the Volcano of Fire. Feel the satisfaction of ascending the mountain and enjoy the panoramic views. All this only a short drive from Guadalajara from where your adventure will begin and end.

  • Certified Instructor - Expert Mountaineers with certifications.

  • Equipment All the necessary safety equipment.

  • Park Entrance Permit to enter the park.

  • Transportation To/From Guadalajara.

  • Food and Snacks required for your expedition.

Day 1 : Climb Nevado de Colima
Start your Adventure from Guadalajara at the meeting point in "Los Cubos". At this point, you will meet our expert guides who have more than 10 years of mountaineering experience. We will drive to Nevado de Colima where the hiking will begin.

From there, we will equip ourselves with everything necessary to begin our ascent. The guides will provide the necessary food and drinks for the ascent. When we reach the top, you will see the volcano of Colima only a few miles away in all its splendour. Congratulate yourself, you made it! Take photos, videos, and relax for a bit. Then we will hike back down to our transportation and drive back to Guadalajara.

All year round

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You will find a fabulous array of accommodation options throughout Mexico, from luxury to budget and plenty in-between. On your local adventure accommodation will vary depending on the tour you choose anything from camping in a tent in the forest to a 5-star hotel. Whatever your choice we will do everything we can to ensure your comfort and safety.


Get yourself moving and grooving in Mexico. Start the momentum with mariachis and monuments - then move on to mountains and Mayan temples. Take yourself off the beaten track. Why not conquer the highest mountain in Mexico? - Pico de Orizaba. Try getting lost in the jungle at La Huasteca Potosina. Or hike into the startling panoramas at Nevado de Colima. With 10,000 kilometres of coastline, there are plenty of beaches to explore. View a superb selection of exciting architecture and archaeological sites or simply enjoy the exquisite landscapes and generally warm climate. There is an international airport in Mexico City that carries a large volume of flights from many international destinations. When in Mexico the bus network is very reliable and a great way to travel.


Mexican food in Mexico is a truly blissful experience. All the flavours, textures and aromas seem to be enhanced by the simple fact that it is being made at home, by a local, with fresh local ingredients. Make sure you try out all the old favourites just to experience the heightened taste experience of eating in Mexico – enchiladas, tacos, tortas, quesadillas, guacamole. You won't run out of options as you move on to the wider cuisines of Mexico’s regions – migas, chilaquiles, barbacoa. Meals and snacks will be included in your package with Local Adventure.


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