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Journey into vibrancy, colour, startling sights, and magical tropical aromas as you find thrills and excitement on your Oahu Odyssey. Plunder the riches of Oahu as you discover why it is considered a world tourist hotspot with more shopping, dining, accommodation and entertainment than any other Hawaiian Island. Wash away your worries with enchanting beaches and monster winter waves that draw surfing pilgrims to this magical land. Discover why Oahu is named ‘The Gathering Place’ as you enjoy the many cultures and hospitality of this island in the sun.

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No Cages, No Barriers – Just Sharks Wildlife

Excite and educate as you dare to swim with sharks. Join the experts as you undertake the pelagic marine animal research dive - a.k.a Shark Research Snorkel. Open your eyes and senses to the wonders of the pelagic zone and the astonishing marvel of sharks. Take your best chance to see sharks, whales, dolphins, turtles, and other big schools of fish. Dive into understanding as you plunge into a shark natural aggregation site – learning about biology, behaviour, and how to safely interact with sharks. Get close and personal as you experience first hand how beautiful and amazing these animals really are. Develop a passion, love and respect for sharks and help save this important species.

Our trips are 2 hours long and consist of a highly educational presentation on your way out to the natural aggregation site where you will learn about shark biology, behaviour, research and how to safely interact with sharks! You will then get in the water with your safety diver where you will experience first hand how beautiful and amazing these animals really are.

All year round.

Please contact us if you are over 250lbs. If you fail to notify us about your weight if you are over 250Lbs we reserve the right to deny you from boarding the vessel or getting in the water due to serious safety concerns for yourself and our crew. If you are not in good physical fitness or have any serious medical issues or limits to your physical fitness you must notify us 48 hours in advance.

About the location


There are plenty of accommodation options throughout Oahu, including the North where One Ocean Diving is based.


Escape the hustle and bustle of Honolulu and Waikiki to head North. Discover the bohemian town of Haleiwa where One Ocean Diving is based. Packed with surfers during the winter months when the great waves roll in. You will find a vibrant art scene with excellent small galleries and local artists. Enjoy the opportunity to explore the history of its plantation past and the many local food trucks. For thrill seekers who want more than diving with sharks, you can also try-out the local jet skiing, kayaking or SUP. For the really brave and experienced surfers, you can even take on the monster waves. The entire North Shore of Oahu has fabulous beaches and contains so many over wonderful gems to discover and explore. International visitors can easily get to Oahu by flying into Honolulu International Airport. Outside of busy Honolulu driving on the island is a pleasurable exercise and a rental car will give you a great opportunity to explore the island and visit Haleiwa.


Take this opportunity to expand your palate with some wonderful cuisine whilst visiting Oahu. There is one local Haleiwa delicacy not to be missed - Ken Terukina’s pickled mango. This sweet and refreshing masterpiece is world famous in Haleiwa. Ken a lifelong resident sells the pickled mango from his home, look for the sign near the Anahulu Stream Bridge. Haleiwa is also famous for its shaved ice claiming a long tradition of making and selling this sweet and cold delicacy. Enjoy homemade syrup melded with ice and enhanced with vanilla ice cream or sweetened azuki beans. For a more substantial meal enjoy traditional Hawaiian fare, through to wonderful fusions of surf and turf. Try kaluha pork, lomi lomi salmon, or laulau. You will find a multiplicity of restaurants and cafes on Oahu with something for all tastes and dietary requirements.


Diving and snorkelling with marine creatures from the pelagic zone. A scientific understanding of human-shark interactions. Thrilling no cage, close-up snorkelling with sharks.


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