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At Outdoor Adventour we are dedicated to creating adventures that allow you to discover the Pyrenees in an authentic way. We offer an array of comprehensive hiking trips in and around the Pyrenees mountain range that can be tailored for all abilities, ages and fitness levels. Our authentic trips take you to the heart of some of southern Europe's finest national parks, nature reserves and mountains and our knowledgeable and passionate guides offer and educational insight into the history of the surrounding landscapes.

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The Lost Pyrenees Hiking

This two-day trip includes six hours of guided trekking through the Vallat d’Estaon, in the Cardós valley, in the Alt Pirineu Natural Park. You'll also have the chance to visit a string of local inhabited villages before reaching active settlements and chatting with the local people. Not only does this trip unearth the beauty of the Pyrenees but it offers a cultural insight to life amongst the mountains. There's also time for a picnic lunch to sample the local produce!

This trip includes a one night stay at a 3-star hotel (with Jacuzzi) where we'll enjoy a traditional Pyrenean dinner before resting our heads. We'll also enjoy breakfast at the hotel early on day two.

Day 1 – Arrival & Hiking

Day 1 kicks off by meeting the group in Sort before transferring to the village of Estaon. From here we enter Vallat d’Estaon and begin our trekking up to the Campirme pass. En route we’ll pass traditional huts, livestock farms and rolling forests. In the afternoon we’ll transfer to the village of Tavascan in the Cardós Valley, here we’ll learn about the valleys past inhabitants before enjoying a traditional mountain dinner.

Day 2 – Villages

Day two begins early with a hearty breakfast before heading out to the village of Boldis Jussà. Here we’ll take a short walk to the neighbouring village of Ginestarre and meet the local residents. Throughout the day you’ll enjoy exceptional views over the valley!

Trip available on request for private groups during the months of June*, July, August, September, October. (*Depending on the amount of snow present)

This tour includes guiding by a local, knowledgeable and qualified guide. It also includes accommodation, meals, and internal transfers.

The Hiking of the Three Parks Hiking

This six-day hiking expedition will take you through a string of national parks and nature reserves including the National Park of Aigüestortes I Estany de St. Maurici, Alt Pirineu National Park and Boumort National Reserve. While the former is home to alpine landscape and glacier lakes the later is a haven for native wildlife so keep your eyes peeled for wild fauna, deer and raptors. As you trek across the mountain range from north to south expect to walk between shimmering lakes, over imposing peaks and passed abandoned villages. Note, this route can be extended or shortened by 1 to 3 days.

On this five-night trip, we'll stay in a combination of authentic accommodation including village hotels and mountain refuges. All our accommodation has been tried and tested by the team and provides a comfortable nights sleep.

Day 1 – Aigüestortes I Estany de Sant Maurici National Park

The tour begins at 9 am where we’ll meet in the small town of Boí. From here we’ll take a 4x4 ride to the route starting point and begin the walking tour. On the first day, we’ll cross the Aigüestores National Park from west to east, passing tranquil lakes and verdant forests as we climb. The day ends in the village of Esterri. Here we’ll check into the local hotel and enjoy a filling Pyrenean dinner!

Day 2 and 3 – Alt Perrineau National Park

The next two days are spent exploring the second national park, Alt Perrineau and its uninhabited villages. Climb through isolated, hilly, pastures and enjoy spectacular views of the Cardós Valley.

Day 4 and 5 – Boumort National Reserve

The next two days are spent exploring Boumort National Reserve, a haven for local wildlife. Hop aboard a 4x4 vehicle and follow the park's tracks, keeping your eyes peeled for the large birds of prey that roam the reserve. We’ll also visit the ruins of Solduga and Espluga troglodytic villages for a history lesson on ancient civilization.

Trip available on request for private groups during the months of June, July, August, September, October. Guaranteed departure dates: 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 of September 8, 9, 10,11, and 12 of October

High mountain guides will accompany you throughout the trip, these guides hold vast knowledge of the Pyrenean landscape and culture. The package also includes transfers, accommodation and meals.

The Secrets of the National Park Hiking

On this tour you’ll enjoy a guided walk through the Aigüestortes I Estany de Sant Maurici National Park. The trail leads through Vall de Boí, heads east through the central Pyrenees park and ends in the small town of Espot. This tour can be extended by one day (at the beginning of the trip) to enjoy a guided tour of the local Romanesque churches and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On this one-night trip, we'll stay in a traditional mountain hotel that has been tried and tested by the team and provides a comfortable nights sleep.

Day 1 – Arrival

After arriving into the picturesque town of Boí we check into the local hotel, drop our bags, then begin by exploring the nearby Romanesque complex of Vall de Boí; a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. There’ll be some free time before dinner which is served at the hotel.

Day 2 – The Mountains

On day two we rise early and leave Boí in 4x4’s, heading for the Planell d’Aigüestortes National Park. En route we’ll pass the shimmering waters of Llong Lake, climb to the top of Portarró to enjoy a picnic and enjoy panoramic views over the mountains.

Trip available on request for private groups during the months of May*, June*, July, August, September, October. (*Depending on the amount of snow present)

This tour includes accommodation, lunch and dinner and 4x4 transfers through parts of the park. You'll also be accompanied by a knowledgeable and local high mountain guide who knows the ins and outs of the Pyrenean landscape and culture.

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Those participating in multi-day trips will make use of the local hotels and refuges that dot the mountain villages and national parks. Our accommodation is always authentic, tried and tested and provides a comfortable nights sleep.


Our Outdoor Adventour offices are found in the small Spanish town of Lérida, just an hours drive from the Pyrenees mountain range and just a two-hour drive west of Barcelona’s international airport. As we’re nestled amidst one of southern Europes greatest natural landscapes it doesn’t take long to immerse yourself in the surrounding mountainous scenery, imposing peaks and forested woodland!


Multi-day activities include all meals and we love to dine on traditional Pyrenean cuisine while in the mountains or local villages. If you have any dietary requirements, please let us know well in advance (before we enter the wilderness!) and we’ll do what we can to accommodate you


Alongside single and multi-day hiking trips in the Pyrenees, we also offer excursions in hiking, biking, canyoning, ski touring, and white water rafting.


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