An adventurer's best friends: the essential items to carry with you at all times

11 April 2017

To travel, they say, is to find oneself, to discover who you are, to explore the world around you and get in touch with what It means to be human. A good adventurer is ready for anything that life can throw at them, from visiting Monks in Nepal to hiking in the Norwegian Fjords and anything and everything in-between.

In that trusty backpack of yours, you should consider ensuring that these basic items that are used, abused and replaced but continually found at the bottom of that very pack. It's not a question or survival, it's a case of thriving. Thriving in whatever wilderness, city, outback, wild you may find yourself in. It doesn’t matter of the brand, brand names mean little to a passionate traveller and adventurer, for example your army knife may have been passed down to you by your father or perhaps your pen and notebook belonged to your sister, maybe your insulated mid layer cost 400, whatever it's value, these items will be your very best friends. 

At Thrillism, we are all about adventure and sustainability. Our business is centred around ensuring, together, as travellers of the world, nomads, wanders, that we can preserve the wild and planet earth in all its glory through as many small steps as we can. If we can encourage you to swap plastic cutlery to biodegradable alternatives or choose cruelty/animal free products, e.g. PrimaLoft instead of down, then we are doing our job in promoting eco-tourism and a more sustainable way of life. Be part of the change and protect the environment so we can all enjoy adventures of all descriptions for many years to come.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Unlike its plastic counterpart, a stainless steel Water bottle will keep your beverage either cold or hot. Whether the beverage in question is a steaming hot flask of green tea or an ice cold glacier water, to have a reliable source of liquid is of the utmost importance. Stay hydrated and be at the top of your concentration game. These water bottles are also more eco-friendly, they can handle a solid beating from the elements and living at the bottom of a worn in rucksack.

Topo Design,

Penknife/ Swiss Army Knife

Whether you are using the utensils to eat or you are fixing a trusty piece of equipment with another trusty piece of equipment, no adventurer's pack is complete without a swiss army knife. It's not just for opening a cold beer after a long day in the outdoors but it could be the item that turns a trip from a near disaster but into an outing you will never forget, but for all the right reasons. Get your hands on one and leave it lovingly in an easy to reach pocket.


Battery Charger

In this age of social media and wanting everything Now! Now! Now, not that we are in the mindset that this is necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that many of us struggle to be completely out of touch. There is an sense of freedom and total euphoria to be found in the wild, away from civilisation and cell reception but there is something equally thrilling in documenting and sharing your incredible images. Buy a small and lightweight charger and keep it to help you stay connected.

Outdoor Technology,

Ear phones/ Inspiring Playlist

There is so much to be said for a good playlist, music has a way of changing your perspective. If it's work or play or indeed anything in-between, perhaps a walk in the Forrest or a Heli ski descent, a playlist will fill you the thrill, excitement and get those happy endorphins flowing. For any adventure or and long distance that needs to be travelled; think folk, soft ambient music that will allow you to drift off into the sweet abyss. Some sound blocking earphones always help, especially on, say for example, a packed bus, train or when you just want to music and nothing else!


A Insulated Lightweight jacket

A lightweight insulated jacket could be your saving grace in the hot summer months when the rain hits or while feeling the attack of the elements in deepest winter.  This type of jacket can transcend seasons while taking up no valuable space in your pack. While not naming brands, we have a few favourite's at Thrillism that have never let us down. The Jacket doesn’t have to break the bank but it’s worth investing in a sustainable fabric, insulated with man-made fibres that can survive some good wear and tear.

Topo Design,


UVA and UVB rays are extremely damaging to your eyes. To protect your eyes and your vision, essentially your ability to take in all these experiences in visually, invest in a good pair of polarized sunnies. Taking you from the backcountry on a ski touring expedition to the beach while you wait for the break, these glasses will shield one of the human bodies most sensitive yet powerful weapons.

Sunski Sunglasses,

First Aid Kit

Often overlooked and an unnecessary addition to your pack, a simple first aid kit should not be ignored. Whether you are first aid trained or not (of course we recommend everyone undergo first aid training to aid them on their travels), this kit will be your new best friend. From cuts and scrapes to a less than welcome bout of travellers sickness, your first aid kit should be stocked full at all times. You run out of plasters, replace them, running low of antibacterial gel, fill it up! From keeping sanitized in public restrooms in less developed areas of the world to replenishing salts and electrolytes, keep it with you and pat yourself on the back for being a super savvy traveller.

Travel Towel

As sweet and comforting as a big fluffy towel is, exceptions must be made in the spirit of traveling light and being economical. A travel towel will sit nicely in the side of your pack, it's quick drying and does exactly what it says on the tin. Small and compact, the travel towel, another addition to your pack of wonders.

Pen and Notebook

"We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open".Jawaharlal Nehru.  When you think about quotes like this, it inspires you to made notes and log all your expeditions. In some romantic way you can imagine yourself, older- wiser and sat in a rocking chair reading over notes you made of the travels in your youth. To reflect upon your time finding yourself in this world would be an experience in itself. Diary, journal, doodle, jot, draw, and make notes until your hearts content.

Field Notes,

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