Find your om in the mountains: the 5 best poses to start your day

26 July 2017

It is THE best way to start your day, imagine this; you get up from a blissful night sleep after a day on the mountain riding pow, you open the curtains to reveal the sun rising over the mountains peaks, boil some water ready for a cup of tea and head to your mat to see the day in right. We have comprised a list of just 5 simple poses that will open your heart and your mind to all the possibilities of the day and get your body ready for the hill and a day of shredding. Mainly sun salutations, mixing Vinyasa freedom flow and Ashtanga yoga. Of course, we recommend you begin every practice in a simple seated position, palms open and taking a few minutes to focus on the breath before moving into the poses. Remember, Yoga sees no gender, creed, religion, orientation or anything that makes us all uniquely diverse as humans, yoga is for everyone, especially for us snow lovers!

Once you have spent all the time you want/need on your breathing, begin standing in the most well-suited pose ever! Mountain pose (Tadasana). This is simple, place your feet shoulder width apart or together. Bare down through your feet, channelling your energy into the ground, making strong roots for yourself, feel the ground support you. Now for the two suggested variations on Urdhva Hastasana; either raise your arms directly above your head, trying not to let your shoulders raise or spread your arms as if to worship the sky. Open your chest, take a refreshing and nourishing breath and look up smile and let all the energy in the mountains flow through you.

Next move gently into Uttanasana which is where you move from the above pose into a forward bend. Simply inhale slowly and as you exhale bring your palms to your chest in the prayer pose and gradually bend until your tummy touches your upper legs. Don't strain, simply go as far as your can then drop your hands to the floor. Again it doesn't matter if your entire palms touch the floor or if only your fingertips reach. Don’t restrict yourself, move freely, twist a little, turn a little and bounce lightly in and out of the pose, there are NO wrong answers here.Top Tip: Don’t lock your knees, don’t strain that important ligament at the back of your knees (Us skiers and boarder need it!) don’t be afraid to flex a little.

Next up, from there we have Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward dog); plant your palms, spread those finger tips and feel the ground support you, then jump those legs back into downward facing dog. Again, don’t lock your knees, stay nice a spring like. Again, it’s morning, the day is ahead with all it’s promise so smile, move around, bend one leg then the other, twist and move freely. Focus your energy and breathing to run to those little areas of strain, use your mind to ease any little pains. You will find this pose irons out any creases and will have your feeling awesome.

Then to Urdhva Mukha Svanasana, upward facing dog. Move from downward dog by lowering to the ground then pressing those palms in and raising your chest off the mat, press into the tops of your feet as well. What will feel a little odd but matches so well with this pose is to do a big old “lion's breath” when you come up. Look up, open your chest inhale and open your mouth, as you exhale, do so with your tongue out and with a deep exhale sound- it feels so good, silly but good!

Finally, stand up from your mat and let's move into Tree Pose. Trees have roots that provide nourishment to the vines and leaves so will this pose to you too! Again with feet planted into the ground, all toes making contact, let the matt support you. Bring either leg up, catching your ankle with your hand and bringing your foot into your inner leg above the knee. Press your foot into the opposite thigh for stability. The raise your hands up to the sky and welcome all the good vibes the morning has for you. Then alternate. Top Tip: Never place your foot over your knee, if you can't get your foot into your inner thigh then let your foot rest on your calve. No wrong way, don’t push too hard, only feel the stretch take over you with a sense of release.

Namaste Adventurers, now go about your day with love in your heart and positivity on the mind!

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