Beginners' Guide: Minimalist Travel & Lifestyle

13 September 2018

Minimalism and Travel

Less is more. That's probably the only thing the diffrent types minimalists has in common. Minimalism is a word that's been thrown around in alls sorts of contexts. But basically it's all about be MORE with LESS. Focus on the important aspects of life. What are your top priorities?

Minimalism is in everything. Minimalist design, minimalist interior, minimalist homes, minimalist clothes. But there is a group of minimalist that has been around since the beginning, travelers! 

A few weeks back we published a post, The Adventure Travel Story, we interviewed more than 20 travelers to find out more how travelling has impacted their lives. Interesting stories, as most of them are actually embracing a minimalist lifestyle because of travel. The more they explored - The less they needed.   

In order to get your head around it, we made a beginner's guide to get you started.

Types of Minimalists 

We find this very entertainingly accurate so we decided to share it (6 Types of Minimalists by Taryn Williford)

  • Aesthetic Minimalists - It's all about the optics for the aesthetic minimalist.

  • Essential Minimalists - They are obsessed with using less, having less and paring down their belongings to only the ultimate basics.

  • Experiential Minimalists - The hallmark of the experiential minimalist is a belief that the pursuit of experiences is more universally important than the pursuit of things.

  • Sustainable Minimalists - Focus is on green living: reducing their dependence on, consumption of and harm to the environment

  • Thrifty Minimalists - The end goal is about spending less rather than using less

  • Mindful Minimalists - The mindful minimalist is one who gets joy and spiritual enlightenment by ridding themselves of extra things. 

Location Independent Jobs

The best thing with being location independent doesn't necessarily has the amount of travelling, instead it's the ability to find other opportunities far outside your territory. We have listed a few jobs you can do without being tide-up to a specific place:

  • Web Developer - By far the best job for a location-independent lifestyle. It's one of the most sought after careers, so companies give their developers a great deal of flexibility and the salary is really good.

  • Graphic DesignerEvery company wants to invest in improving its image and brand were graphic design is a big part of it. And all you need is your laptop and creativity.

  • Content Creator - Work can be writing blog posts or creating copy content for social media or ads. It's not difficult to become a freelance writer, but it takes a creative mind and an ability to create quality content.

  • Online Marketing SpecialistThe work ranges from optimizing websites for search engines (SEO) to planning and executing all sorts of marketing campaigns.

  • Professional Photographer - The competition is tough. You have to be really good and have a clear niche. Check out 101 Adventure Photographers to Watch for inspiration.

Minimalist travel - Packing Light 

A minimalist approach will keep you lighter and more mobile on your adventure. You should try it next time.

Most important: Use a pack list and pack in advance.

Backpack (cary-on size)
If you're going to be traveling around a backpack is a far better alternative then luggage on wheels. Just imagine the hazel carry that luggage around on dirt-roads, beaches and stairs.

Small Daypack
When traveling/flying - for your most valuable belongings and easy to reach, such as passport, laptop, camera, headphones and other personal items. When exploring/sightseeing - bring only the stuff you need.

Pro tip:

Packing Cubes - Keep your backpack organized. Super easy to pack/unpack, you'll never experience a mess of clothes again.
Sarong - Multiple-purpose "accessory". It can be used to give shade, as a towel, as a bag, as a blanket and much more. 

Packing list:

[  ]  Three pairs of socks. 
[  ]  Three pairs of underwear. 
[  ]  Three pairs of t-shirts.
[  ]  Two pairs of pants.
[  ]  Two pairs of functional shoes.
[  ]  Clothes that you can layer (Suitable for both warm and cold weather).
[  ]  A small first-aid kit.
[  ]  A sewing kit.

Top 5 for Inspiration 

  1. Minimalism Life 
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  3. Future Travel
  4. Break the Twitch
  5. Life Hack


For more inspiration about how travellers can change the world, head over to our friends at Rome2rio for more.

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