News Years Resolution - More adventure and How to pick your adventure

11 February 2018

So you made it through January, we are well into 2018 and you survived. Well done adventurer, you are doing very well indeed. We know that from your office, city, or wherever you are based, you are thinking about adventure. You know that adventure heals your soul, fuels your every day, simply living for the next escape. 

"I see my path, but I don't know where it leads. Not knowing where I'm going is what inspires me to travel it." Rosalia de Castro

Planning your next adventure has never been easier, all the globes best adventures featured on our website, incredible getaways just waiting to be discovered. We have broken it down into a few simple steps for you to help you discover your next unforgettable trip. 


First things first. Figure out where you want to go, what you want to do, when and how many are in your group. Get searching and evaluate our selected operators. Explore 195 adventures in 27 countries (we are growing by the day), in 10 different adventure sports (new extreme sports coming too). Are you a beginner surfer or an experienced pipe rider?- Have you only been heliskiing once or do you try to do a few drops every winter? Have you been fantasising over heading to Indonesia, to hike or to surf? Maybe you are dying to head to Canada for yoga or snowboarding. Whatever your desires we have just the adventure for you.


Once you got one or more operators dialled in, connect with them through Thrillism. Send a request with all the details the operators need to bring you the best experience at the right price. Make sure you tell us what your wants and needs are, how many are in your group and maybe a little more info about your experience and your budget and together we can help plan the most amazing escape you have ever imagined. 


Once all parties have settled on a date and price you are ready to book and pay your adventure. Then you can really get into the countdown, meet up with your crew for some drinks or a coffee and talk strategy, are you maximising your sports time sunrise to sunset or are you taking it leisurely with a few lie-ins and long lunches. It's super important to make sure your group in on the same page about what you want from the trip. Then you can get packing, give our article a read about what all those must-pack items: "An adventurer's best friends, the essential items to carry with you at all times".


Go experience your next adventure. Yihaa! While you are away having a totally unforgettable experience, be sure to take some pictures, record all the best memories, videos, quotes etc and send them to us. We would LOVE to share the experience with you and show other adventurers how unique and truly spectacular your adventure was. Use the hashtags #YourAdventureIsNext and #FindYourAdventure so spread those travel vibes.

We are about to launch a huge 50L backpack full of new adventures in kite surfing, snow, and surf so stay tuned over the coming months. If you are a windsurfer, horse rider or fishing enthusiast, or mountaineer don't worry, we have some amazing plans in the pipeline for you too, 2018 means more adventure!

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