Thrillism Scholarship 2018

Thrillism Scholarship 2018

We know jet-setting around the world on planes to find the best waves or deepest powder takes it toll on the environment and we want to minimize the footprint we make on our world.

We don’t want you to stop traveling, we know our travels sustain many and hard working entrepreneurs, workers and communities around the world. We would rather help those innovative, and hard working companies and entrepreneurs that make a difference with creative ideas and innovations that enable the lifestyle we live, but in a sustainable way.

But how?

With the invention of the Thrillism Scholarship, we want to encourage students around the world to think about how they can disrupt and improve travel around the globe from an environmental perspective.

Applying is easy and we will front the winner and also the runners-up on our blog. 

How can we develop and encourage environmentally friendly travel?

Submit a one-page essay (500 words) that demonstrates an idea you have for helping save the environment while allowing you and others to still explore the world and experience new adventures. Traveling or flying less does not cut it. How can we continue to travel but with a smaller or minimal footprint?


  • The application must contain proof of registration for courses or programs at a Swedish folk school, university or higher.
  • It is free of charge to apply for Thrillism's scholarship.

What has to be included in my application?

  • Presentation of yourself. Where and what are you studying?
  • Your application essay in English or Swedish
  • Motivate why you should be awarded Thrillism's scholarship.
  • Your contact details. (Name, Adress, Email, Phone)
  • Attach proof of registration on course or program at a Swedish university or college.

Applications should be emailed to in PDF-format or with a private link to a Google document.


5000 SEK to 1 student yearly.

Application deadline:

Applications must be received by December 18, 2018.

Scholarship winner appointed:

January 31, 2019