Summer adventures: A beginners guide to kitesurfing & surfing adventures

08 May 2018

Love being at the beach but can't choose between trying your hand at kitesurfing or wave surfing, don't worry adventurer, we got you covered. 

Sometimes you just need to feel the sand between your toes and the sun on your bank and little else will do. Now that many of us are starting to daydream to blissful summer days by the sea and nights laughing with friends new and old, its time to start browsing and booking your next adventure. 

Why Learn To Wave Surf?

Surfing is an incredible sport that entices people from all over the world to push themselves to the next level. From learning to pop up all the way to riding pipe like a pro, surfing allows you to be up close and personal to nature while exploring your physical limits. Surfing is absolutely something everyone should try at least once and being a beginner is nothing to be afraid of. With dedicated instructors to lend you a hand, show you the ropes and gain confidence to test yourself you will be standing up and riding your first wave in no time. All of our incredible operators have staff on hand to help you develop your skills in a stress-free, fun and free environment.  From Brazil to Bali or Portugal, there is the perfect destination on our website just waiting for you to discover. 

Why learn To Kitesurf

Kitesurfing is a real adrenaline rush, a sport for the adventurer looking to explore and experience a thrill. Being a beginner in any sport can be physically intense but learning to Kite is an amazing full body workout. Gather your confidence on land first, building up technique then allow yourself to be taken by the water as your test your new skills. Again, under the watchful eye of dedicated committed instructors, passionate about teaching and watching people progress, they will be there to ensure to have all the help you need. From spots in Europe, closer to home to places further afield, experiencing a kitesurfing adventure would incorporate all your favourite things; travel, adventure and sport. 

Staff Picks

Mixing relaxation, adventure, travel and sport plus a cold drink of your choice and delicious food? We are all about that life. We have hundreds of amazing adventures around the world but we have a few staff picks which are perfect for beginners, destinations where you will get the instruction you need and when the kitesurfing or wave surfing day is done, there will be plenty of awesome things to see and do to relax this summer. Holiday of a lifetime? Yas!

Element Surf 

Get wild and wet in the water. Pro Surfing has taken water-sports to the next level with packages to suit any adventurer. Fill your days with fun and laughter, as you enjoy these fantastic water sports. Transcend reality as you surf the perfect wave. Feel the majesty of wind-powered flight as you kite-surf and windsurf. Experience the intensity of the ocean as you body-board. Stand up tall paddle-boarding. Or just enjoy a day of multi-sport water activities, with kayaks, banana boats, and pedal skates.

Fun isn’t optional - it is guaranteed. Be excited that all the instructors at Pro Surfing are officially certified by the International Federations of each sport. Have certainty that you will be learning from the best so that you can achieve excellence.

Brazilian Surfing Adventure

Stay with Brazil Surfing Adventures at their surf house located just steps away from the white sand beaches of the island. With the help of BSA qualified instructors, you can master the art of this incredible sport on one of the 42 beaches that are found on the island. In your spare time, you can sign up for a range of other activities through Rodrigo, or explore the city and accompanying nightlife that nearby Florianopolis has to offer. We offer two packages through Brazil Surfing Adventures; the more traditional surfing camp for a week or a package that gives you the freedom to choose your activities when you reach the island.

Don't worry, between all the adrenaline and fun of learning to surf or kite surf, THERE WILL be plenty of time to enjoy the beach, chill, relax, eat and drink, in fact out operators would have it no other way! So, grab yourself a coffee or a cup to tea and grab your adventure buddy, its time for you to sit down and scroll through the website and simply pick which sensational destination will be the spot you choose for your next holiday, the adventure of a lifetime!