The Official Ski & Snowboard Film Guide 2018

09 October 2018

In the wake of the legend that is Warren Miller, the winter sports industry has big ski boots to fill.

Warren Miller was a ski filmmaking legend who left with him a legacy of ski filmmaking innovation.  A legacy that much of the industry is happy to take on in his wake. Create something new and captivating, something that will inspire your viewer.

From the craziness of vintage diamonds like the Wizard Of Oz all the way to modern-day classics like All I Can and Supervention, every rider should be excited to see what comes out of our progressive industry.

We have both ends of the spectrum, the innovative and experimental freeskiers and boarders of the urban riding scene and the adrenaline-seeking, breaking boundaries riders of the big mountain crew, coming together to excite and inspire us normies sat in our officer counting down to the moment we shut our work computer down and head for the airport.

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” -John Muir

So, as the colder weather arrives in the Northern Hemi and we sat to allow our minds to drift back to the mountains (that's if they ever left) as we gear up for another winter, we can get our stoke on for what's to come this ski film season. This year we have trailblazers, new kids on the block and total legends showing us how much there is still to explore and that you should never stop striving to discover new aspects of the mountain.

Without running the risk of getting a little too emotional on you, dare we say, discovering the mountain, help you understand yourself a little better, we certainly think so. That's why we have compiled a list, the ultimate list of ski and snowboard films coming our way this season!- And boy we are in for a treat.


What's Coming Our Way

Strap into the chairlift folks as this Winter is going to bring us some insane films and if the trailers are anything to go why (you would hope they are, otherwise. . . why?) then prepare to have your mind blown. Click on the trailer or work your way down. . . .

Let's Dive In


Abandoned is a movie by The Road West Traveled

“A crew of backcountry skiers set out to explore Colorado’s lost ski areas in hopes to find adventure amongst the ruins. Instead, they discover the truth behind what made these areas close their doors for good and illustrates what skiing used to be like before mega resorts and climate change wreaked havoc on independently owned ski areas. Through heart-wrenching interviews with former owners, ski patrol, and historians, The Road West Traveled uncovers what it’s like to be a skier in Colorado's backcountry and what it means to go from lost to found.” 

This movie will certainly tug on your heartstrings and bring our your melancholy side, who can some resorts be simply left to rot. Just another victim of climate change and various other factors, you are right there with the riders as you explore Colorado's forgotten resorts.


Dedication is a film by Midiafilm

“Dedication – devotion and commitment, it’s a great combination for days on the mountain. We’re always making the most of the conditions as they are, but it’s even nicer when Mother Nature plays along. This year turned the movie on it’s head and the ski-porn of the Alps became the focus of the film, unlike recent years where the MIDIAFILM crew have had to travel far and wide to find the powder.

Nevertheless, at the end of the winter, it was time to look for something new and expand our horizons. So we flew to Tromsö in northern Norway, far north of the Arctic Circle- a sailboat would be home to the crew the next two weeks. With the luxury of beach accessed ski touring we explored the beautiful coastal mountains before sailing on to the next spot. There were challenges of course, partially due to our general lack of sailing experience, so an adventure-packed trip was the result- as you’re about to see.”

Yas! We are here for it. The powder that is. Dedication storms into our lives and brings us what we hold so dear, big mountain riding and on our doorstep no less, here in the Alps. See mountains you are somewhat accustomed too, through midiafilm's dedicated lens.

Here After

Here After Is A Film By Tanner Hall

What more is there to say other than "this is that Tanner Hall film", and man did he bring his A game. From Montana, Alaska, California and over to Sweden we see a mix of mountains and from a geographical perspective, it brings variety, West coast pow conditions to the harsh conditions of Northern Europe. We see the classic urban, creative riding we expect for Hall and co plus some irresistible powder turns and freeriding which ensure the film will be diverse.

Ski The Mealy

Ski The Mealy Is A Film By Les Loners

We don't see massive budget here, we don't see professional production level editing (not to see this is like any old "season edit"), no, but what we do see is a bunch of friends exploring, pushing boundaries and enjoying the incredible conditions. Its approachable and relatable, something that every rider out there can feel- the excitement to ride and discover. Mealy National Park offers an air of mystery and pair that with the dynamic between the crew, you have a genuinely interesting film that we can't wait to see!

Would You

Would You Is A Jeremy Pancras Visuals

"After breaking his back in competition, French freestyle skier Jeremy Pancras sets out to show the world what it means to be a freeskier and follow your passion."

We get all the feels in this trailer as we experience injury with Jeremy and then begin to understand why you have to pick yourself back up and head out onto the mountain. This film will be all heart, soul and passion and we see dedication, commitment and friendship. On top, we have some trailblazing moves in the park and experimental use of features. 

Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned Is A Film By Absinthe Films

“Physically, mentally, intuitively…but really it’s just a movie about having fun and keeping your board tuned.“

We are already on the edge of our seats, we have no choice but to "Stay Tuned" as the trailer already has us stoked. You will recognise some mountains from the Italian mountains of the Aosta Valley plus epic pots across the pond, Stay Tuned has it all; the sense of humour, the urban scenes as well as mouth water

All In

All In Is A Film By Matchstick Productions

"ALL IN – Matchstick Productions 2018 epic ski film delivers a first of its kind experience. This concept is spearheaded by a talented group of hard-charging women who wanted to disrupt the male-dominated ski film formula. Skiing isn’t exclusionary, true fun in the mountains can be shared equally by everyone. This isn’t your typical “Women can shred too” film, this is a kick-ass ski film that just happens to feature as many women as men.

Visually stunning imagery and engaging humor. Shot in exotic locations over the course of 2018, ALL IN will excite skiers across the globe. Follow the crew from the lift-accessed terrain of Snowbird to the dreamworlds of Japan and Alaska amplified by a soundtrack that will be on everyone’s ski playlist next year. This film is light on story, high on action and full of fun loving personality. ALL IN is a reference to the commitment the athletes have to their sport while simultaneously alluding to the inclusionary nature of skiing."

What more can we add? We are counting down to the full movie as we know this is going to be epic. We are talking big lines, big smiles and all the gnarly-ness (if we can get away with creating a new word) that one could want in a ski film.


Hoji Is A Film By Matchstick Productions

"Eric Hjorleifson lets his skiing speak for itself. He doesn’t stand on the bar and shout out his accolades. He skis for brands that give him 100% creative control over the equipment that he designs and uses. He chases storms. He ditches his cell phone for weeks at a time. His exploits are rarely flaunted on social media. In spite of all of this – or maybe because of it – he is a hero to legions of skiers across the globe. This is who Eric is – this is “HOJI.”

Kneel before ski royalty as we clear the path before the legend that is Hjorleifson. The man, the mountain, the skier. This trailer has it all, great tune, huge lines and a strong, captivating story. Finishing up with a reminder to ride for you and no other reason. 

Ode To Muir

Ode To Muir Is A Film By Teton Gravity Research

“Teton Gravity's newest film Ode To Muir pairs professional snowboarder, adventurer and founder of Protect our Winters Jeremy Jones with two-time Olympian Elena Hight as they embark on a 40-mile foot-powered expedition deep into California’s John Muir Wilderness. Their journey balances the challenges of winter camping, gruelling climbs up the Sierra’s biggest mountains, and aesthetic first descents with personal reflections on the importance of the natural world and those who first travelled it generations ago, and sharing perspectives gleaned from what it truly means to explore a great American Wilderness.”

Can you feel that? That feeling in the bottom of your stomach, like butterflies but it raises and reaches your heart, the blood gets pumping and you are focused only on the mountain and getting there- that's the feeling invoked by this trailer. From a profound hero of the mountain, Muir encapsulated by the man himself Jones, accompanied by the queen Elena hight, "Ode To Muir" is all you need to cast your mind away from the now and to the mountain. "Into the unknown-Life is about to get a whole lot more simple". 

Far Out

Far Out Is A Film By Teton Gravity Research

“REI presents Far Out, a ski and snowboard film that embodies the imagination as much as it does a physical space. It is the quest to seek out undiscovered realms and inspire new waves of creativity, enlightenment, and progression. It is the quest to be blown away. Join the TGR crew on one of its boldest missions ever. The film follows the perspective of an athlete as he embarks on a journey to one of the most remote and unexplored mountain ranges on the planet, the Albanian Alps. While the final destination appears to be the ultimate goal, it is the collective of athletes, experiences, and the array of locations around the world that inevitably drive the season’s adventure.

Witness mind-bending pillow lines as the crew camps out deep in the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia. Experience urban madness in Kamchatka and the insanity of the Crazy Mountains in Montana. Join the crew in the Slovenian Alps for over-the-head cold smoke and watch an 11-year-old rip Jackson Hole. Discover the alien landscape of Girdwood, Alaska in January and see Sean Jordan ride into Crested Butte on a black stallion to shred the Southern Rockies. Find out if the wildest and most untamed mountains in Europe let us in, and if the ultimate destination became a reality. ”

Oh no! This is all we are going to think about for the next month or so until Winter as we can but apologise for exposing you to it. Far Out looks set to bring us some insane lines from backcountry relatively unknown to the masses. We can expect great things from the crew and sensational imagery from Teton.  

Zig Zag

Zig Zag Is A Film By Level 1 Productions

“Following nearly two decades of ski movie pedigree, Level 1 documents a lifestyle of contradiction. Timeless ephemera. Love and money. Natural and synthetic. Powder and slush. Stagnant and innovative. Untracked and well-travelled. Consistent but not predictable. Swerving left, right and diagonal, yet never asleep at the wheel.”

Prepare to have your mind blown, creative, imaginative and totally gnarley, Level1 have absolutely nailed it. Zig Zag brings with it massive smiles and good vibes from the street to the crazier mountain faces, with a 90's feel to it, ZZ is a film like they used to make them. 

After Hours

After Hours Is A Film By Next Generation Media Productions

“At the release party for last years ski film "Dick Moves", we were pretty sure that it would be our last ski film. But as the snow started to cover the streets again, our stoke took over and before we knew it, we were out in streets again shooting for a new film, "After Hours". And this time, it will be the last.”

Will it be their last long feature? Hmm we certainly hope not, after Dick Moves the man behind the camera Ola continues to create fun and innovative. The crew are not the types to fl behind a stack or urban riding edits, these guys bring the personality and the undeniable style. After Hours looks set to be an amazing film.


Working Volks Freeride

Working Volks Freeride Is A Film By Neil Williman In Partnership With Midiafilm

"The trailer for my first ever own project: Working Volks Freeride. I can't tell you how much work went into this one, and how much love I have for the people that made it with me. Huge thanks to Axamer Lizum and Fischer Ski for believing in it, and MIDIAFILM for doing such a slick job of the filming & editing on a tight budget and while creating their own movie 'Dedication' at the same time!"

Just another day in the office? No, not for Neil who makes the concept of dropping everything and heading for the mountains even more relatable. "Working Volks or working folks" is about the balance, heading to the hill and getting away to ride with the people that you love and surrounded by a stunning landscape. It helps when the landscape in question is Axamer Lizum which is bonkers beautiful. Neil and the squad are next level.  

Winter Fox

Winter Fox Is A Film By Lena Stoffel

"I spent two months in Japan last winter and wanted to show everybody what Hokkaido means to me, through my eyes. I feel so content and calm in that country. It feels like a second home to me. But this was a big challenge as I am new in the field of filming"

This trailer is unique as it focuses on Lena instead of a crew. That is also what makes this film a must see. We take a journey with Lena and it's so refreshing. As she rips through some absolutely next level pow in Japan, we get to know the area and her better! Amazing riding, good vibes. . . A must see. 

Winterfox_Teaser from Lena Stoffel on Vimeo.

“Great things happen when men and mountains meet.” -John Muir

We are not sure to be a bit bummed out or to be feeling excited? After watching all these amazing trailers and writing about these -out of this world- adventures we are so ready for winter. Winter is close to our heart here at Thrillism, as a little side note, its how CEO Mike and Head Of Content Angelica met and a passion all the team including Co-Founder Rikard share. We are counting down to create our own experiences in the mountains this winter as should you be. What all these trailers should demonstrate is that you can make the moutnain your own, make it home, leave your mark for the better. Perserve what we have, protect it and love it and we can all enjoy the stoke for a long time to come. 


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