Top tips to travel light this summer

26 July 2017

Heading for the horizon this summer? Taking advantage of some well deserved out-of-office time? For us adventurers, staying still in one spot if tough, especially when it’s for work and normal life. We are nomads at heart, wanderers and we are simply counting down to the next escape. Making sure you maximise your time when heading out the door for your greatly anticipated trip is of the utmost importance. Considering we are not the 5* hotel, long trousers for dinner and room service type of folks (although make no mistake, we love that every now and again) making sure you travel light is crucial!

We have compiled a few tips that we use to travel light that we hope will inspire you.

The Pack

The pack is the most important item. Most likely you have a really good backpack knocking around the house, dig it out and dust it off. If you are new to the adventure lifestyle, you can pick up a great day pack for a great price from loads of big name outdoor retailers. Think between 25L to 35L, this way it can be sufficient for anywhere between 3 days to a week if you pack savvy!

The Planning & Packing

Call up your adventure buddy/buddies, grab a cold one from the fridge and sit down. It’s time to talk planning. As much as an impromptu trip into the unknown fulfils some primal desire in all us adventurers, taking the time to plan what activities are on the agenda will help you know EXACTLY what you need. This way, between 48 and 24 hours before you depart, you lay out all the items on the floor (Take customary instagram pic, tag your favourite brands and see if you can score some cheap gear) then pack it all into your pack.

The Swimsuit

Whether you are heading to the Swiss Alps or Spain, a swimsuit is a must. Not only is it small but swimsuits can be quickly and easily washed and dried. It’s also worth mentioning you can wear your swimsuit even when you're not swimming, which reduces the need for other items in your pack.This way, if you see an open body of water, you can nourish your inner child by doing a majestic run, strip clothes off as you go and jump into the cool water!

The Jeans

Everyone has that one pair of jeans that seem to transcend the years. They fit you perfect and you always feel comfortable, whether walking along a lakeside or grabbing dinner with friends. That's why that one pair of jeans that you LOVE should be in your pack. Denim doesn't need to be washed as often as other clothing items and it’s versatile.

The Trusty Converse

Us laid back kind of adventure folks love comfort and ease. That’s why no doubt you have a pair on converse laying around your house, that’s if you’re not like us at Thrillism who seldom wear anything else! These types of sneakers are easy to wear and will be ideal for a variety of activities. It's really the only pair of shoes you need on your trip, apart from maybe a pair of flip flips too! (Unless you’re a hiker or trekker in which case, of course, we recommend a supportive walking shoe, look after your feet and your feet will look after you.)

The Sunnies

A great pair of comfortable durable sunglasses will see you through summer and winter. Providing your eyes with UVA & UVB protection (Check for the label on the side of the frames) the glasses help you see everything more clearly and let’s not forget how cool you will look. The right sunglasses, can become another piece of that ultimate adventure backpack, if you love them and they serve you right, be sure to look after them.

The basics of packing light are finite, think simple. You don’t need a million products for your hair and body for example, pick an eco friendly (degradable in water) product that you can use for both; little changes like this are a step in the right direction. You will find that one trusty backpack full of goodies will keep you kitted out of all sorts of adventures. Pack light and travel happy adventurers.

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