Winter Adventure Travel Planning Resources

12 December 2018

Websites and apps that maybe you didn't know about already or were curious to find out more. These websites and apps are excellent resources to help you plan your winter adventure. From mountains navigation to equipment buying and forums for advice, knowledge and opportunities to collaborate. To travel, the philosophy is to share knowledge, share tips, so we are passing this know-how onto you . . . . The mountains are calling, are you ready?

We have covered a lot this summer about adventure travel destinations, bucket list travel and how to travel without breaking the bank. We want to facilitate you with all the possible info. Along the way, in our own discovery and journey, we have discovered some websites and apps that we LOVE. Resources that have helped us personally and a go-to for free and unbias info. 

First up, some old friends of Thrillism, Fatmap!

Fatmap is a one-of-a-kind app and website.

The idea is so revolutionary and groundbreaking, its hard not to sound bias but we promise, getting to know fatmap will change the way you do adventures! FATMAP is an Outdoor Adventure Company dedicated to building the world's best 3D mapping technology, adventure community and outdoor services. 

From Winter mountain adventures, hiking, MTB & more, you can get real-time, high res 3D maps to help you plan your journey with precision and safety in mind. No longer must you use a map, hoping to judge the terrain and conditions with numerous different resources and a certain amount of guessing, Fatmap gives you confidence in your adventure. 

They also have a pretty epic journal page which provides plenty of inspiration. 

W. Fatmap

B. Fatmap Journal

Next up, straight outta Sweden

Not just for the Swedes, let's take this international is an incredible website for adventurous Swedes. Skiing and snowboarding, MTB and more. Head to their website for stories from the mountains, written by athletes, regular riders and industry pros. Stories from mysterious mountains around the world, how-to, advice and more. They are also an incredible live forum where seasonnaires can collaborate on adventures. 

Thinking of heading somewhere cool but your crew are all busy, don't worry, head onto to meet new friends and experience wonderful places with a new group of friends. I (A Brit) have posted on numerous times, the site helped me find roommates for my ski season for the last 6 seasons, its pretty epic and everyone is extremely friendly, of course it wouldn't hurt for you to learn to hey hey in Swedish, however, I am sure the Swedes will agree. . .  the only phrase you need is "Lagom". 

Anton Romell,


From Norway With Love, YR.NO

YR.NO is a Norwegian Secret But Just Like An Old Timey Journalist "We Are Guna Blow This Story Wide Open

A few years ago a friend told me that although sites like Snow Forecast and national weather apps were great to get a general indicator of snowfall during the winter, it's wise to create a more detailed picture before heading out on backcountry adventures. That's when I learnt about YR.NO. Both the weather app and website are fantastically useful and in terms of reliability, I have found wind and snowfall prediction to be eerily accurate. 

The user-friendly but simplistic app and website are now my go-to spots when planning a freeride backcountry trip, paired with the national weather app, you can create a more detailed outlook. 


iTunes Store.

Google Play. 

For Our Friends In The US, Canada, Australia & New Zealand,

Humanizing Online Shopping

Deal is not a traditional online shopping service, and we don't intend to become one. You don't just shop at Deal, you engage in meaningful conversations with passionate experts who help you find the product, services, and travel experiences that fit you best.
Such a cool concept, when buying, or rather, thinking of buying a new item, new equipment and gear, should be your new go-to. Speak to experts, ie riders, athletes etc and get the insider scoop in different products. Talk through ideas, let the experts make recommendations for you and find the kind of items that will serve you well on whatever adventure you are on! The website is user-friendly and you can even compare prices on eBay. A new favourite for the team.  

Find A Travel Buddy On Globe Trooper

"Globe Trooper is an online portal helping users find tips and information on all things travel related."

A forum for helping you find a travel partner, but complete with pictures and good layout. You post the trip you're planning and invite others with similar interests to join you. If you're looking for an adventure, it's a great place to start and offers the opportunity to travel with others without sacrificing the flexibility of solo travel, as you can hop in and out of trips as you fancy.-
We feel like our world has been opened up upon discovering Globetrooper. Never again will having the desire to head for the horizon but with no one who wants to join- be a problem. What a sensational chance to meet new people, share incredible experiences and explore the unknown with someone with the same energy. Sporting adventures, discovery, sightseeing and much more, connect and discover. 

Find And Book The Best Adventure Sports Instructors And Guides For You With Ongosa

Ongosa is the easiest way to find and book lessons and guiding sessions for adventure sports. Our team of experts recommend the best schools or independent instructors for you, to help you reach the next level.
There is always something new to learn, from breaking bad habits when shredding the park, nailing the stance in the freeride or even just getting to grips with the basics, treat yourself to a lesson and never look back! You will be stoked you did, plus the expert guides and instructors at Ongosa are amazing. They are launching in Japan soon, until then explore the plethora of talented guides they have globally now. 
IG. Ongosa

There you have it adventurers, just a few amazing resources for planning adventures. Websites and apps to make life a little easier for you, to open up closed doors, connect with others and plan with precision.
What are your favourite websites and apps? Let us know on social media, send us a message or comment on a post, we would LOVE to hear more.

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