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Sapa Sisters is a trekking company in Vietman, guiding on the montains nearby Sapa and Mung Hoa Valley. They have great experience in the Valeey, as all their guide grew up in the nearby region.

The facts

Private guides

Homestay available

Market tours available



Lao Cai, Vietnam

SaPa is a town located in Lao Cai province in north-west Vietnam. They have an office in the city and arranges hikes, tours, homestays etc upon your request.


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We’re Hmong trekking guides from Mung Hoa Valley, near the town Sapa. We grew up in these mountains and know the trails inside out. Our work is to guide people around this beautiful landscape and give them a good time. We prefer working independently and we’re very experienced when it comes to guiding people. All of us speaks English.

We are the only Female and Hmong owned trekking company in Sapa and are proud to operate a business that ensures all of our guides a fair salary and opportunities to grow in our community. With the help of our friends we have been able create business that can support ourselves and our families, but also ensure long term employment and security.

The owners

Sapa Sisters was started in 2009 by six friends. Back then there were difficulties of young Hmong women, in particular, finding decent jobs and wages in Sapa. Sapa Sisters began collaborating with the Girls on a venture that could be self-sustaining and operated almost entirely independent of outsider assistance. The idea was simple: a Trekking company operated by the girls with no middle-man i.e. tourist operators or hotels; Radek would set up a website that could connect travelers with their guides as well as help communication between travelers and guides as the the girls cannot read or write English (although their spoken English is excellent).



What can I expect?

We offer 1-day, 2-days, 3-days or More-days trekking, Market Tours, Homestays or Stay over night at your guide’s home.We also offer you to cook with your guide, swimming, harvest rice in September and October. We don’t believe in fixed itineraries or over planed programs. Our private treks give you the freedom to arrange your visit just as you want it. Together with your guide you plan your trek. You don’t have to know much about the area, your guide will give you suggestions and you plan your trek together, depending on the weather and your wishes. All our treks are private.

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