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Morocco Surfing and Surf Camps: Tamraght

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Last updated June 5th, 2020

A trip to Morocco is the perfect way to satisfy your cravings for adventure, couscous, and flawless right-hand point breaks. Out of all the surf spots in Morocco, one of the best is Tamraght, which is just a short drive from Agadir and Taghazout. 

Tamraght is one of the most chilled-out destinations for surfing, not only in Morocco but in the entire world. This charming village is nestled in the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains, and it’s the perfect place for a peaceful getaway filled with sand, sun, and surf.

Getting there

Getting to Tamraght depends on where you’re starting from, but let’s assume you’re flying into Morocco internationally. You’ll arrive at the Agadir airport, then make the quick 25-minute drive to Tamraght. 

For the on-road part of the trip, you have a few options. You can either hop in a taxi at the airport (which is recommended), rent a car and drive yourself, or take the shuttle that runs twice a day. Whichever way you choose, getting to Tamraght is easy, quick, and stress-free.

Orientation 101

Spending time in Tamraght is the perfect way to get an authentic feel for Moroccan culture. Even though it’s a well-traveled place that a lot of surfers include on their agenda, the town has stayed true to its local roots over the years. 


Sunsets, surf, nature, and beauty are the perfect words to sum up what you can expect from a trip to Tamraght. This is a quiet place that offers a nice mix of peace and adventure. If you’re looking for a party, you won’t find it here. 

To give you a frame of reference, Tamraght is just a 10-minute drive south of Taghazout and a 25-minute drive north of Agadir. It’s right smack dab in the middle, which is why a lot of surfers stop in Tamraght before making their way to busier Taghazout.

Cost & Budget

Morocco is an affordable destination and a solo traveler could easily get by on less than $250 per week. However, if you want to get the full effect of Tamraght by surfing, exploring, eating what you want, and drinking endless mint teas, plan on spending more. 

Most surf camps charge by the week, so you’ll be able to pay a lump sum for food, accommodation, surf lessons or guiding, and even yoga for some of them. Signing up for a surf camp also means you won’t have to carry as much cash around since you’ll pay by credit card beforehand. 

Before arriving in Tamraght, try to get some cash out in Agadir or wherever you’re starting from. This is a very small town with no banks or ATMs, so try to plan ahead.

Best Time To Visit Tamraght

Surfing in this area is good from October to April with the heaviest waves happening in December and January. By the time the new year rolls around, the North Atlantic swells hit more than 20 surf spots around Tamraght. 

For beginners, try visiting in late September/early October before the first big winter swells arrive. If you’re comfortable with your surfing skills, definitely visit anytime from mid-December to early February. 

No matter when you visit Tamraght, plan on wearing a wetsuit. The water temperatures hover between 61-73°F, so a 3 mil should do it. The good news is that the weather is usually warm and sunny, even in the winter, so you should have no problem chilling on the beach in your normal swimwear.

Waves & Surfing

The best waves of Morocco are scattered between Tamraght and Taghazout, so staying in Tamraght is literally the perfect situation for any surfer. 

You’ll definitely want to check out Anchor Point and Killer Point if you’re intermediate/advanced (even pros like these breaks) while Banana Beach and Devil’s Rock are better for newbies. 

Anchor Point

This is the creme de la creme of Tamraght surfing, and it might even be the most famous spot in all of North Africa. Anchor Point is a right-hand point break that breaks in clean lines over a combination of sand and reef bottom. It’s definitely a wave to add to your surfing To-Do list. 

Killer Point

Killer Point is another popular point break and it’s renowned for its power and consistency. The ride can get up to 300 meters long and it offers everything from speed to bowls to barrels. 

Banana Beach

Banana Beach is the perfect spot for beginners to get their sea legs (or is it board legs?) and just start getting comfortable in the water. After a morning of lessons at this beach, you’ll be able to head to the nearby banana plantations for an afternoon outing.

Devil’s Rock

Devil’s Rock is right next to Banana Beach, and it’s another beginner-friendly surf spot. It’s great for all levels, but you’ll mostly see instructors with their students waiting to catch the gentle waves. 

These are just some of the best waves near Tamraght, here are a few more don’t-miss surf spots: 

  • La Source
  • Mysteries
  • Panoramas
  • Boilers
  • Hash Point

More Morocco areas

Top Morocco Camps

Best Surf Camps In Tamraght

Pro Surf Morocco

Pro Surf has been rated as the #1 surf camp in all of Morocco. Their philosophy here is to always be welcoming, passionate, professional with their surf camp and focus on the individual needs of each of their guests. The accommodation is pretty basic, but that’s OK because you’ll probably spend most of your time on the rooftop terrace that overlooks the water. 

“Surrounded by many famous surf spots (beach and reef breaks) our Pro Surf instructors find the perfect waves for your individual level.”

– Pro Surf Morocco 

There are a few different Pro Surf packages to choose from, including a Coaching package for beginners, an intermediate option, and a Surf and Yoga Camp, which is the most recommended. Each one is a weeklong experience that comes with breakfast and dinner, accommodations, and surf coaching or guiding. 

  • Language: English
  • Surf Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Cost: From 491 USD (per week)

Blue Waves Surf House

Blue Waves has two different surf houses in Morocco, one in Anza and one in Tamraght. The Tamraght surf house is clean, beautiful, and overlooks the best breaks for all levels, including Banana Beach. They’ve got dorm rooms and private suites, but no matter where you stay in the surf house, you’ll be treated like royalty. 

“We, The Blue Waves Team, are passionate surfers and we are always sharing our passion with all our guests. We are always at your disposal and we’ll show you the best places to surf in Tamraght, nature, and Moroccan culture.”

– Blue Waves Surf House

You can go with the surf-only package, but there’s an option called the Surf & Turf that stands out from the rest. Signing up for this one is the perfect way to combine the ocean and desert in one trip. One day you’ll be learning to surf at Banana Beach, and the next you’ll be riding a camel through the desert. 

  • Language: English, French, Spanish
  • Surf Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Cost: From 630 USD (Surf & Turf Package)

Bagus Surf Camp

Bagus Surf Camp houses its guests in a 4-story house that can sleep up to 16 people. A lot of visitors plan a group retreat ahead of time then rent out the entire space, but Bagus also offers different surf packages as well as individual lessons. 

“Our team is passionate and committed to creating custom-built holidays for everyone – whether you’re a solo traveler, group of friends looking for an adventure or surf trip, or just after that perfect family getaway.”

– Bagus Surf Camp

There’s a beginner coaching package, an advanced guiding option, and a surf yoga retreat. You can also sign up for additional activities, like a trip to Paradise Valley or horseback riding along the beach. You can even organize a trip to Essaouira to experience a different side of Morocco. 

  • Language: English
  • Surf Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Cost: From 585 USD (per week)

Tamraght Surf Camp by Surfinn

The Tamraght surfcamp by Surfinn is located right in front of the Banana Beach Break, making this an epic spot for new surfers. They charge a nightly rate and require a minimum of a 2-night stay, but that rate includes accommodation, all meals, daily surf lessons, and airport transfers to Agadir.  If you book 13 nights or more, you’ll get a pretty hefty discount.

“The surf camp has a privileged location between Agadir and Taghazout, easy to reach all the surf spots in South Morocco. There’s a great choice of waves and variety of surf breaks in a short distance.”

– Surfinn

  • Language: English
  • Surf Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Cost: From 56 USD (per night)

Other Stays

Whether you’re looking for a busy hostel, a peaceful hotel, or a private apartment, you’ve certainly got options for where to stay in Tamraght. Even though it’s not a big city by any means, there are a lot of tourists passing through, and the local community has kept up with the demand for accommodations.

Here are a few of the top-rated stays in Tamraght by surfing travelers on every budget: 

  • Budget Stay: Sunset Surfhouse
  • Midrange Stay: Nomad Surf House
  • Midrange Stay: Azul Guesthouse
  • Luxury Stay: The Yogi Surfer

Where To Eat & Drink

Moroccan food is heavily influenced by a blend of different cultures, including Azamingh, Arab, Andalusian, Mediterranean, and European. This is a huge reason why Moroccan cuisine ranks as some of the best (and most unique) in the world. 

There are dozens of restaurants to try in Tamraght and Taghazout, just be sure to try all the main local dishes, like couscous and tagine. For a hearty meal with beef or lamb, go with the Kefta meatball tagine. The meat is seasoned with cumin, paprika, and herbs, panfried with tomato sauce, and topped with poached eggs. 

In terms of where to eat, definitely grab a table at Babakoul. It’s a tourist hotspot that has a little bit of everything, like Moroccan waffles, pizza, and coffee. 

Other Activities

Surfing is 100% the most popular activity in Tamraght, but that doesn’t mean you have to surf 24/7. You’ll absolutely want to take a trip to Paradise Valley, which is a small section of the Tamraght River Valley that’s known for its waterfalls and rock pools. 

Another fun thing to do is head to Agadir for a day of souvenir shopping. You can sign up for a tour with a private guide to help you navigate the city, or just go on your own. Either way, you’ll definitely find some treasures to take back home. 

If you just want to kick back and relax, get a traditional Berber massage and Moroccan Hammam. Hammam spas are very similar to Turkish baths; it’s basically a steam room where people go to unwind and destress. This is the perfect way to give your muscles a rest after a few days of surfing.  

Random questions

Should I stay in Tamraght or in Taghazout?

These two popular destinations are only about 5 miles apart, so they share a lot of similarities. However, Tamraght is much more chilled than its neighbor, and you’ll definitely experience more small-town local vibes here. The good news is that the best surf spots are scattered between the two, so you’ll get to experience both places. 

What’s the best surf break in Tamraght?

It depends on what you’re into and what your experience level is. For advanced surfers, the obvious answer is Anchor Point, but for beginners, it’s more likely to be Banana Beach. 

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