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The Best Surf Camps in Mexico: The Nearly Complete List

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Last updated June 5th, 2020

We all know that surfing is one of the favorite pastimes of travelers heading to Mexico’s coastal areas. Sure, Mexico City is cool and cultural, but there’s just one problem… it’s completely landlocked. There’s nothing that compares to the crashing waves and pounding surf of the Pacific, not even Mexico City’s art and foodie scenes. 

Because of the insane popularity of surfing here, most surfers assume that finding a surf camp in Mexico is a child’s play, but it’s actually just the opposite. The main challenge that comes along with choosing a Mexico surf camp is deciding on an area, and even after you’ve done that it’s not easy. 

Just as you’d imagine, most of the best surf spots and Mexico can be found along the Pacific Coast. To give you an idea of the insane number of surf camps, there are just under 5,000 miles of Pacific coastline that fall under Mexican territory. This isn’t even counting the Gulf of Mexico and Carribean Sea waters! 

This guide to the best surf camps in Mexico can help you narrow down your search for planning your ultimate surfing adventure.

Surfing in Baja

Baja, also known as Baja California, is a Mexican state located on Cali’s Baja Peninsula. Since the 1940s, Californians have been driving across the border to get to some of the best surf spots in Baja. So what makes it so great for surfing?

First of all, this area is known for its powerful right-hand swells and breaking barrels. Northern Baja has year-round surf and massive waves that are perfect for more experienced surfers. But even better is the fact that the lineups are essentially non-existent, so you won’t have to compete for any wave that comes along.

Make your way down the peninsula for warmer waters and a lively surf scene in Southern Baja. This is a more luxurious area, so it’s not great for budget travelers, but it’s a better option for beginners learning new skills. No matter where you land in Baja, check out these surf camps.

Baja Surf Camp

Baja Surf Camp is quite possible the best Mexico Surf Camp Baja has to offer. This camp is all about adventure, and although you won’t be roughin’ it, this isn’t a luxury camp by any means. The main goal of BSC is to hit up as many surfing spots as possible, and if that means chasing the ideal swell conditions, so be it.

“For over 20 years we have been exploring Baja Mexico. There is some magic in Baja. It is undeveloped, wild and free.”

– Baja Surf Camp

BSC specializes in 3 to 5-day trips that include transportation, meals, camping accommodations, and surf guiding/lessons. The meeting point is in San Clemente, California, and from there all of the participants will head down south across the border in a 20-passenger shuttle bus.

  • Surf Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Language: English
  • Program Length: 3-5 Days
  • Cost: From $549 USD
  • Website:

Surf Baja Mexico

While BSC is all about on-the-road adventures, Surf Baja Mexico is more about luxury and pampering yourself. They specialize in guided surf outings and lessons in Northern Baja for anyone but are mainly focused on helping beginners learn how to surf.

“A long time vision of surf school guru, Emiliano Abate, Surf Baja Mexico offers guided surf vacation down the Northern Baja coast for both experienced and inexperienced surfers of all ages.”

– Surf Baja Mexico

The surf guides themselves are from San Diego, but they have tons of experience with teaching and guiding in the area. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive surf camp in Mexico, Surf Baja has a few options. The most popular is the 4-night, 5-day package that includes everything from meals to surf coaching sessions.

  • Surf Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Language: English
  • Program Length: 5 Days
  • Cost: From $1750 USD
  • Website:

More Mexico areas

Top Mexico Surf Camps

Surfing in Mazatlán

Mazatlán has been nicknamed the Pearl of the Pacific Ocean, and it’s no surprise as to why. This resort town has been rapidly improving its infrastructure and focusing on restoration for the past decade or so, which is just one of the reasons that this is such a popular vacation spot.

On top of that, Mazatlán is filled with a rich history and intriguing culture. But best of all, this is the perfect spot to learn to surf. Whether you’re traveling to Mazatlán with the fam or you’re flying solo, the fun gentle waves of the area are ideal for learning, especially when you visit Mazatlán Surf Addiction.

Mazatlán Surf Addiction

The name “Surf Addiction” is fitting for this Mexico surf camp. Whether you come into the camps with a solid background in surfing or you’re brand new to the water sport, chances are you’ll leave addicted. Part of the reason for this is the camp’s stunning location, but another is that the camp is hosted by the #1 surf instructor in the area, Miguel Rodriguez.

“Escape to beautiful Mazatlán, Mexico for a once in a lifetime surf vacation that is sure to be memorable.”

– Mazatlán Surf Addiction

For anyone looking for a combination yoga surf camp in Mexico, Surf Addiction has a variety of surf camps and yoga retreats to choose from. The most popular choice by far is the beginner/intermediate surf camp. It lasts for 7 days and includes 6 days of surf sessions, accommodations, and all meals and beverages (non-alcoholic) – so in other words, it’s all-inclusive.

  • Surf Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • Program Length: 7 Days
  • Cost: From $1200 USD
  • Website:

Surfing in Sayulita

For non-surfers, the area is known for its indigenous art and diverse wildlife. But surfers know Sayulita better for its mellow, consistent waves. The stunning backdrop of the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains doesn’t hurt, either.

Even though Sayulita is considered a small village, it’s got a lot of heart, and more importantly, it’s not hard to find an amazing Sayulita Mexico surf camp – like Lunazul Surf School.

Lunazul Surf School

The only surf camp in Sayulita Mexico that you should even be considering is Lunazul. There are so many reasons to choose Lunazul as your Sayulita surf provider, but the passionate team of instructors is what keeps travelers coming back for more. You can always count on these instructors for a fun time, but their main goal is to keep you safe.

“Lunazul Surf School was established in 2004 and has since taken pride in teaching thousands of people to surf! We have a tight crew of instructors who, not only are excellent surfers but amazing instructors.”

– Lunazul Surf School

This family business is located directly on the main Sayulita beach, a perfect spot for beginners thanks to its forgiving waves. You can just rent some equipment, sign up for private lessons, or go all out and book your accommodation through Lunazul. If you don’t trust our judgment, you might want to listen to the good things that NatGeo, Lonely Planet, and HuffPost have to say about this surf school.

  • Surf Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Language: English, Spanish, Finnish
  • Program Length: 3+ Days (Surf Lessons Only)
  • Cost: From $185 USD
  • Website:

Surfing in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is one of the most-visited surfing destinations in Mexico. It’s home to well-known surf spots like The Cove, El Anclote, La Lancha, and Punta Burros. Finding a Mexico surf camp in Puerto Vallarta isn’t difficult, especially for female surfers. If you’re down for a female-only experience with mellow breaks and no male energy, check out Las Olas surf camp Mexico.

Las Olas

Las Olas isn’t located directly in Puerto Vallarta, but you’ll fly into the airport in PV and arrive at your Las Olas beachside accommodations within an hour. This is the best women surf camp in Mexico, and it’s been going strong since 1997. The motto here is “we make girls out of women” since this is the perfect time for you to play all day at the beach with your friends – like you did when you were a little girl.

“We’ve introduced thousands of women to warm-water surfing and helped them make a lasting connection to the ocean through the joys of surfing, camaraderie, and fun. In turn, they’ve shared their goals, accomplishments, and amazing life journeys.”

– Las Olas

  • Surf Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Language: English
  • Program Length: 6 Days
  • Cost: From $1850 USD
  • Website:

Surfing in Puerto Escondido

Also known as the Mexican Pipeline, Puerto Escondido is a port town in the Oaxaca state. It’s got amazing beaches and buzzing nightlife, and as the nickname suggests, it is also home to heavy barrels. It’s known for some of the heaviest, most dangerous waves in the world, specifically at the pro-level spot called Zicatela.

Even though the Zicatela waves are bone-breaking in nature, there are plenty of spots around town that are better suited for beginners. Newbie surfers tend to gravitate towards the super-mellow left-hand point at Beach Cardisarillo. This is a great spot to catch small waves and practice new skills, then grab a beer on the beach at one of the local restaurants.

For those of you who can handle more intermediate level waves, check out La Punta. Similar to Cardisarillo, this is another left-hand point break that is perfect for surf lessons on small swells. You can expect heavy barrels on big swells, but nothing compares to the Zicatela beach break.

Zicatela is for EXPERTS ONLY, but even if you’re not a pro, feel free to watch the action from the beach. No matter your skill level or wave of choice, you can’t go wrong with one of these Puerto Escondido surf camps.

Puerto Surf House & School

The Puerto Surf House & School is the perfect place to learn to surf in Oaxaca – it’s impossible to beat the location, which is less than 50 meters from the water. The surf house is small with just 6 bedrooms, so you’ll definitely get to know your surfing buddies during your stay at PSHS.

“Puerto Surf has been rated the number one of surf houses in Puerto Escondido. Established in 2006, they pride themselves on providing and maintaining high-quality accommodation, friendly service, and superior surf instruction.”

– Puerto Surf House & School

Guests have several options for surf packages, but the most popular is the Hang Out package. With this, you’ll get 6 nights accommodation, 5 days of group surf sessions, gear rental, beach transfers, a photography session, an hour-long massage, and daily breakfast.

  • Surf Level: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Language: English, Spanish, German
  • Program Length: 7 Days
  • Cost: From $315 USD
  • Website:

Oasis Spanish & Surf School

At Oasis, the focus isn’t just on learning the language of the Pacific waves, but also the language of the local people. In between surf sessions, you’ll get the chance to take Spanish classes, even become fluent if you book a long enough stay. The 3-week program is the most popular, so if you’ve got the time it’s highly recommended that you spend it with Oasis.

“With more than 10 years of experience in providing successful high-quality programs to people worldwide, Oasis is more than a school. Oasis is a feeling, an experience, and above all, a family team.”

– Oasis Spanish & Surf School

  • Surf Level: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • Program Length: 7, 14, 21, or 28 Days
  • Cost: From $450 USD
  • Website:

Other surfspots in Mexico

Other Mexico Surf Camps to Consider

This is just a small collection of some of the best surf camps in Mexico, but it barely scratches the surface of the long list of epic surfing adventures up and down the coast. Here are a few more top picks for anyone looking for the best surf camp Mexico has to offer:

  • Pescadero Surf Camp Mexico in Cabo San Lucas
  • Las Palmeras Surf Camp Mexico in Salina Cruz
  • Suruncloud in La Ticla
  • Punta Chivo Surf Camp in Salina Cruz
  • Selina Surf Club in Puerto Escondido
  • Cabo Surf Hotel in Baja Sur

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