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The Santorini Of Africa: Surf Camps In Morocco

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Last updated June 5th, 2020

There’s a lot about Morocco that attracts travelers from all over the world like it’s colorful culture and mouth-watering couscous. But the biggest draw of all is for those in search of a surfing paradise. If you love to surf, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store as you browse around for the best surf camp Morocco has to offer. 

To find the best Morocco surf camp for your skill level and budget, there are three main areas of focus: Agadir, Tamraght, and Taghazout. We’ve broken down the best surf camps in each of these beachside towns, so get prepared for perfect waves and an epic wave-riding adventure along the Moroccan coast.

What you will learn

Best Time To Visit Morocco

Technically Morocco is considered a year-round surf destination, but the best time to book a surf camp in Morocco is between October and April. There’s no bad time to visit, but the breaks come to life during the autumn and winter seasons. 

The greatest wave consistency happens in September and October, and this is when you can truly count on surfing every single day. No matter when you visit, you’ll want to focus on the region south of the Atlas Mountains. We’ve already covered a lot of this area (Agadir, Tamraght, and Tamhazout), but you might also focus on finding a Morocco surf camp in Essaouira.

Waves & Surfing


Agadir, a major Moroccan city on the Atlantic, is most well-known for its long sandy beaches and its insane number of surf spots to choose from. This resort destination is the perfect choice for travelers who are looking for a bit of luxury out of the water (like golfing and spa days) and lots of adventure in the water. 

There’s no shortage of Atlantic waves to choose from here, like beginner-friendly Cherry. This right-hand reef break is located just south of the city center, and even though it’s a regular spot for surf competitions, beginners are welcome to test their skills here. Another favorite Agadir surf spot is KM12, which is great for intermediate-level surfers at high tide. 

For more advanced surfers, there’s a wave called Boilers that’s a quick drive north of the city. This right-hand reef break tends to get crowded during high season thanks to its consistent conditions, but you won’t find any beginners here. The sea bottom is dotted with sharp rocks and sea urchins, and don’t forget about the shipwreck where the wave starts. 

No matter where you choose to put the board to water, below are two surf camps in the area that are worth checking out.


Tamraght is technically a part of Agadir, but it’s worth focusing solely on this small fishing village, mainly because the surf is so epic here. This sleepy town is often compared to Taghazout since they’re only a few kilometers apart and share a lot of the same waves, but there are a few things we prefer about Tamraght over Taghazout. 

First off, Tamraght is small enough to walk everywhere (including all the main breaks) but large enough to stay busy. The vibes are more chill than Taghazout – it’s quieter, less touristy, and stays more true to authentic Moroccan culture and traditions. It’s not about bars and nightlife here like it is in the heart of Agadir. It’s a completely dry village. 

If you’re not a fan of the no-alcohol rule in Tamraght, you’ll be more suited to Agadir or Taghazout. But if you’re looking for local cuisine, friendly faces, and amazing surf, you’ll love everything about Tamraght. Almost all the waves are accessible to beginners, like K17, Cro Cro, and Banana Beach. 

There are a handful of advanced-only spots for surfers who are looking for more of a challenge, as the Spiders point reef break. This A-frame barrel is constantly shedding, and it’s a step up from the intermediate-level Banana Point. Wherever you surf in Tamraght, below two surf camps that won’t disappoint.


Do a quick Google search of “surf camp Morocco Taghazout” and you’ll see right away that there are plenty of options for high-quality surf camps and schools here. Many members of the global surf community feel that Taghazout is home to the best waves in Morocco. It’s got a variety of breaks ranging from gentle and forgiving to heavy and powerful. 

The Atlantic swells are strong here, so it makes sense that so many Morocco surf camps have set roots in Taghazout. The town itself is located about 20 kilometers north of Agadir, and it’s much more laid back than the hustle and bustle of the city center. 

Aside from the chill vibes, the thing we love most about Taghazout is its wave variety. It has some of the most flawless right-hand point breaks known to man, and there’s definitely a wave that will cater to your specific skill level. 

Experienced surfers head to Anchor Point, Killer Point, and Boilers while intermediate-level surfers spend most of their time at La Source, Mysteries, and Hash Point. If you’re a complete beginner, your surf school will most likely take you to Banana Point or Panorama. Speaking of surf schools, below are two of our top picks for travelers heading to Taghazout. 

More Morocco areas

Top Morocco Surf Camps

Best Surf Camps In Morocco – Agadir

Zen Surf Morocco

If you’re looking for a surf and yoga camp in Morocco, Zen Surf Morocco is an amazing choice. It’s located on Agadir’s Banana Beach, just a quick drive from the Agadir airport. ZSM has been called an “oasis of happiness”, offering a completely stress-free environment to travelers who just want a laid-back, relaxing vacay. 

“With years of experience and success, we provide the most relaxing and stress-free surfing and yoga holidays for every need and every level, with the rich Moroccan culture in the background to make sure you catch its essence.”

– Zen Surf Morocco

There are a few Zen packages to choose from, but the most popular is the Surf Coaching and Surf Guiding. The Coaching package is best for beginners, whereas the Guiding option is a great choice if you just need a local guide who can take you to the best surf spots in and around Agadir. All of the weekly packages include accommodation, airport transfers, and daily lunch. 

  • Surf Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Language: English, Arabic
  • Program Length: 7 Days
  • Cost: From $500 USD
  • Website:

Blue Waves Surf House

Blue Waves has two surf house locations in Agadir, one in Anza and one in Tamraght. Both surf houses stay true to Moroccan culture, and each of them offers surf lessons and guidance from some of the best instructors in Agadir. Our suggestion is to go with the Anza surf house since this was where Blue Waves originated. 

“We, the Blue Waves team, are blessed to have the opportunity to welcome guests, worldwide, to enjoy the experience and share this wonderful part of Morocco, famous for its many surf spots, great climate, and friendly locals.”

– Blue Waves Surf House

The surf packs at Blue Waves are specifically designed for you and are completely adaptable to your specific needs as a surfer. One of the most popular choices is the Surf & Turf package, which combines the magic of both sides of Morocco – the ocean and the desert. If you’re not so interested in exploring the desert landscape of the country, there’s also a surf-only package. 

  • Surf Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Language: English, Spanish, Arabic
  • Program Length: 7 Days
  • Cost: From $350 USD
  • Website:

Best Surf Camps In Morocco – Tamraght

Easy Surf Maroc

Not only is Easy Surf Maroc the best surf camp in Tamraght, but it’s also often referred to as the best surf camp Morocco has to offer. This small family-run business is fun yet professional, and you can tell right away that the staff members and instructors love what they do. They’re dedicated to teaching guests about the surfing, the ocean, yoga, and Moroccan culture. 

“Our credo is to offer you holidays made EASY. Feel like home in our soulful surf and yoga villa in Tamraght and let us take care of the rest!”

– Easy Surf Maroc

This well-loved Morocco surf camp has several unique package options, but our favorite is the Surf & Yoga Holiday. It’s a weeklong all-inclusive package that gives guests the chance to learn to surf and mentally unwind with daily yoga sessions. It includes accommodation, airport transfers, 6 surf lessons, 6 yoga sessions, all meals, and more. 

  • Surf Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Language: English, French, Arabic, and More
  • Program Length: 7 Days
  • Cost: From $510 (Surf & Yoga Holiday)
  • Website:

Salt Skin

Salt Skin is a quaint little surf house in Tamraght that is all about providing its guests with a stress-free environment while also embracing Moroccan tradition. This is the perfect luxury surf camp in Morocco to completely unwind and relax, especially if you love good food, good company, and plenty of surf. 

“We are happy to provide our guests with a great selection of cultural and healing activities such as surfing and yoga for all levels, local tours, nature and adventure trips and so on.”

– Salt Skin Surfhouse

The Surf Coaching package is the go-to choice for beginners who are ready to learn, but you’ve also got the option for a surf/yoga combo or a surf guiding option if you don’t need lessons. Each one is priced for 7 nights and includes accommodation, airport transfers, meals, yoga mats, surf gear, and more. 

  • Surf Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Language: English, Arabic, French
  • Program Length: 7 Days
  • Cost: From $645 USD
  • Website:

Best Surf Camps In Morocco – Taghazout

Adventure Keys Surf & Yoga House

There are so many reasons to choose Adventure Keys as your Taghazout surf provider, but let’s start with the amazing location. Adventure Keys is surrounded at all angles by beautiful Moroccan beaches, so you’ll be just steps away from some of the best waves in the area. 

From the rooftop chill-out spot, you can see all the major Taghazout surf spots, like Devil’s Rock, Anchor Point, and Panorama. So if you’re wondering which spots are working, all you have to do is head to the roof and check it out before grabbing your board. 

“Our friendly staff, relaxed atmosphere, professional surf lessons and daily home-made traditional Moroccan meals cooked have earned us a great reputation as one of Taghazout best surf holiday providers.”

– Adventure Keys Surf & Yoga House

You’ve got the option to sign up for daily surf lessons as you go, but our suggestion is to go for the All-In package. It includes everything for 7 days and 6 nights, including accommodation, airport/beach transfers, gear rental, 5 surf lessons, 2 yoga sessions, all meals, and several day trip excursions. 

  • Surf Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Language: English, Arabic, French
  • Program Length: 7 Days
  • Cost: From $325 USD
  • Website:

Lapoint Taghazout

Lapoint is one of our favorite surf providers, partly because this surf school offers camps all over the globe, including one in Taghazout. This Morocco surf camp is just 50 meters from the beach, so you can grab your morning coffee and be in the water within 15 minutes of waking up each day. 

“Join the surf camp in Taghazout, Morocco and check out this dynamic African country that offers a unique culture and great surf vibe, and fill your surf trip with some of the best waves known to mankind.”

– Lapoint Taghazout

The camp is in the heart of Taghazout with a rooftop terrace that’s perfect for watching the golden Moroccan sunsets. No matter your background or surfing level, you’ll feel welcome here. It’s a great choice for solo travelers who are open to learning new skills in the water and making new friends on land.

  • Surf Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Language: English, French, Arabic
  • Program Length: 7, 14, or 21 Days
  • Cost: From $575 USD
  • Website:

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