101 Adventure Photographers To Watch

08 April 2018

A look into the world of Instagram that allows photographers both amateur and professional, to showcase their incredible work to the world.

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” Jawaharlal Nehru

For many of us who dwell in the city, bound by an office, gazing out of the window into the distance, so full of promise and adventure- Instagram is an escape. We look to these mesmerising images, captured with love, care and meticulous precision by these talented folks and we can be momentarily anywhere in the world. We are inspired to travel, to seek, to explore, leave no stone unturned. From awe-inspiring vistas and landscapes, unencumbered wildlife, the perfect moment of a powder turn or riding the pipe to exploring world heritage sights, adventure photography comes in so many forms.

With this in mind, your friends at Thrillism wanted to celebrate these amazing people, from only a few thousand followers to those who boast the elusive blue tick. No matter your background, we see this talent and have the desire to share it with you, adventures. Without further ado, let's jump straight in.

Nature & Humanity Adventure Photographers

1.) John Åkerblom @johneakerblom

John’s imaginative use of colour, imagery and the elements makes for a formidable combination. With dark and melancholy tones used against pops of brights, Johns profile is very easy on the eye. He is talented and has an exciting future in Nature photography ahead, there is no doubt about that, particularly when you see his underwater pieces!

2.) Arvil Kennan @seeingsoftly

Experience the natural beauty of everyday life in the outdoors of Ireland. Avril depicts a charming and enviable life in the wonderful countryside with her family. This lady has some serious photography skills, playing with a mixture of landscapes and light to show a real variety of shots.

3.) Clay Mitchell @_claymitchell_

Clay is incredibly talented. His modest 950 followers don't reflect his possibility. In a way, it reaffirms his love of the cause and not the recognition on social media. Working as a contributor at Sherpa Cinema, Clay helps us see the pass less travelled through the eyes of a native. Dark, sometimes ominous, other times happy and bright, a whole spectrum of emotion is invoked by his work.

4.) Jana @Alohaa_jana

Jana is the epitome of fancy-free and laid back effortless cool. With cool hues of white and grey, she takes us on a journey through some of the globes most beautiful spots. From city to beach, Jana has an approachable charm that locks you in as a dedicated follower.

5.) Anton Bengtsson @antwenture

Anton is Scandi cool. His own brand of minimalistic, raw photography is something to be revered. We are so stoked to be following Anton as he travels around his native Sweden, around the Nordic lands and beyond, capturing the raw unwavering landscape, local wildlife and people. A real find, he has a very recognisable style that we adore.

6.) Beth Wald @bethjwald

Beth is truly amazing. In every way, we can't say enough good things about her work. Her Instagram is only a small example of her portfolio but she has helped us see people, landscapes and animals like we have never seen them before. We were balled over by her work in Kyrgyzstan and since we can't stop watching. 3 Sentences simply aren't enough for Beth!

7.) Bnar sardar @Bnar.sardar

Photojournalist, Bnar is getting to the centre of the subject in just one shot. We see the passion and life jump from the image, every facial line, every shade and the way the surroundings affect the image. We were particularly moved by her image of “A man from Hawramany Takht in Irani Kurdistan".

8.) Bridget Smith @BridgetmarieSmith

Jumping between Alaska and Washington, followed closely by her absolutely adorable pooch, who features heavily in her work, we are charmed by Bridget. Her dark but happy images of her friends and the amazing nature of wild America has us hooked on her feed.

9.) Daniel Rönnbäck @DanielRonnback

If a variation is what you are after then Daniel is the guy for you. From the barren deserts of Morocco to the snow lavished peaks of Chamonix then across the globe to British Columbia, Daniel is a formidable force to be reckoned with when armed with a camera.

10.) Maura Elliot Murray @earth_xplorer

We are trying not to include peoples bios but Mauro's was too impressive not too”Geologist | Glaciologist | Mountaineer | National Geographic Contributor | World Traveller | Photographer and Writer |” with a resume like that, it's no wonder Mauro is able to capture some unique and inspiring raw nature. Amazing feed.

11.) Erin Sullivan @erinoutdoors

There are few words that truly encapsulate how amazing, strong, capable and talented Erin is. Her feed and her whole portfolio of work is something to be savoured, not skimmed over but instead grab a cup of tea and study her images. From tribespeople, wildlife and nature like you have never seen it, Erin is also a sweet, kind and wonderful person to boot, her stories demonstrate just that.

12.) Jacob Nordin @jacobnordin

Jacob has been a firm favourite of ours for a while now as we certainly looking forward to seeing his new works posted. Another incredible talent flying the flag for the Nordic countries, we see Sweden, Denmark & beyond, shown in the charming yet eerie way that keeps us hooked. Beautiful imagery and great use of light.

13.) Jenny Levin @Jennylevin

Jenny embodies the delicate, uninhibited and raw beauty of nature. As the snow falls, the clouds descend and the grey hue of the sky overshadows the land, Jenny comes into her own. We are charmed by her personality and her work and a few sentences certainly aren't enough!

14.) Joe Shelly @Joeshellyy

Boasting a travel hit lists that would make any adventurer drool, Joe has us captivated. His use of green, blue and brown as it envelopes the landscape is really amazing. The colours are vivid and yet somehow gentle and easy on the eye. You can see the nature, the landscape, the hills and the water and transport yourself.

15.) Kira @kirxxi

We can appreciate unique images but of course, there is something so special about an Instagram feed that works so well as a collective. The images blend together yet you see the individuality of the nature of Indonesia to her Native Germany work fluidly together.

16.) Laura Lawson @lauralawsonvisconti

Laura is another example of how much love care and affection has gone into her work and how to works so well as a collective. The images of nature are embracing and warm with an eclectic mix of wooden browns, deep greens and ice blue snow. She website is also not to be missed! The link is in her bio.

17.) Angie @mapandpack

Sometimes we wonder how some people gain popularity on IG with a feed that descends into the saturated ozone on the site then wonder how people who have such a natural talent such as Angie don't have more notoriety.  Her images are cheerful, warm and charming, with light and delicate colours, we feel instantly intrigued by her and her subject matter.

18.) Matteo Righi @matteorighiphotography

Matteo is a force to be reckoned with. Discovered years ago before he hit the big time, we have followed his career with avid interest. From our already deep love of Lake Garda and the surrounding area, it would be hard for someone to capture our memories and love for the area but Matteo has done it. The flora and fauna perfectly demonstrated, the lake and the mountains all there for you to discover.

19.) Matthew Hahnel @Matthewhahnel

Places like Banff National Park and the Faroe Islands need little help to look naturally rugged and mesmerising but if its possible to make places such as these look even more evocative then Matthew achieved it. He is giving us major wanderlust vibes, but that's the aim, through his lens we can discover new places!

20.) Mattia Bonavida @mattiabonavida

Another example of a naturally talented guy who has a huge task to capture our memories of Lake Garda is all their glory. Mattia smashed our expectations. Italy doesn't need much assistance in educating people of its natural beauty but Mattia has taken the task to heart, to demonstrate just how special his native Italy really is. From city to mountains see Italy through his passionate eye.

21.) Katie Purling @mycolourfulworld_

Katie is particularly adept at photographing the beach in her home of Australia, of course with images of perfect sandy beaches comes the local wildlife, the culture and lifestyle shots. Although we are sure Katie doesn't spend every day at the beach, we like to imagine ourselves living the simple life by the ocean and her clean but wishful images help us imagine.

22.) Mohit Pawar @nomad_mohit

Exploring the path less travelled in every way, not only is Mohit breaking boundaries and showcasing is unwavering talent, he helps us see people and nature that we have simply never seen before. Unique and mysterious, Mohit is one to watch!

23.) Paul Zizka @paulzizkaphoto

Ohhhh Canadaaa! Paul has us feeling very patriotic to the sheer magnitude and raw beauty of Canada. His use of colours, his vivid reimagining of the night sky and creative use of light is absolutely incredible. We love this work and will suggest you follow with enthusiasm too!

Outdoor & Travel Adventure Photographers

24.) Max Malloy @ihaveadarksoul

This magnificent photographer has some truly commendable photography skills. So much so that he runs his own workshops in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland. Have a look at his account to see some outdoor photography that we all wish to aspire to.

25.) James Irvine @jamesirvine_

The Shetland islands as seen through the eyes of the wonderful James. These gems show us what an adventure in the Shetlands looks like and damn does it look good.

26.) Meg Atteberry @adventuresoffoxintheforest

Mountaineering, trekking, exploring and discovering. Meg is an avid traveller and we simply love following her adventures. We see the wild and lush landscape of America demonstrated through her lense.

27.) Anna Karsten @anna.everywhere

Stories behind the images . . .  by her own declaration a storyteller, Anna is indeed everywhere. Seeing the vivid, strong colours and interesting sights come to life through her feed. Anna has authenticity in her work, making images you have seen captured in a similar way before- look different with a new perspective.

28.) Anne @anne_rsh

Hailing from Frankfurt, Anne captures nature and travel through melancholy, grey hues. Its a combination we love and with such a recognisable style, we think Anne is onto big things. Seeing crashing oceans and spooky forests come together on her impressive feed.

29.) Camilla Rutherford (Stoddart) @camillarutherford_photography

Camilla’s photography has a wholesome, earthy touch to it. Passionately capturing her family life through her lens, her husband and children, so much love and devotion plus the beautiful pastures and mountains of New Zealand make this a varied and interesting profile.

30.)Ellis O'Connor @Ellisoconnor

Ellis effortlessly fuses her art with her photography, they are both one in the same thing but by placing her painted works by the side of her images, you have an eclectic mix of emotions. All inspired by the rich and rugged landscape of Scotland, we are really inspired by her work!

31.) Glo @glographics

Love this page! The colours are amazing, the imagery is charming and the stories are exciting. Glo has fused her passion for exploring with her art and we are hooked on her work. Not to mention the fact she seems like the best travel buddy out there, we see her personality shine through her work.

32.) Anika @hashtaganika

Unlike other profiles that centre around the saturated world or #lifestyle #travel, Anika effortlessly differentiated herself from the pack with a natural talent to make the world around her pop. Colours are brighter, sights are more clear and lines and shapes more precise. Telling stories through her images!

33.) Nicole Brown @im_nicolemarie

#girlpower isn't just a hashtag for Nicole, she embodies the cause. Its demonstrated in her feed. Through her epic travels, seeing the world at all four corners Nicole explore the use of light in a unique way. Loving her imagery and the message, it makes for an evocative combination!

34.) Janis @Janiceinwanderland

With minimal editing, Janis lets the background speak for itself. Janis uses the basic fundamentals of photography without all the glitz and glam some profiles to show the natural beauty of the world around her. Through people and places, we explore her Island home by her side.

35.) Jenny Olsson @jennyeolsson

Jenny is a shining star. Its the mark of a good artist if they can take any subject and apply their signature style to make images of all different kinds speak to the viewer. This is Jenny down to a T. From San Fran city to the dark Scandi shores, Jenny takes us on an emotional journey.

36.) Marina Calderon @marinacalderon

A whole spectrum of emotion is evoked through her work. Marina shows passion and soul on a fundamentally intrinsic level. Whether she is capturing protests in Rio or simply her friends, you feel what the subject feels, almost as if you were part of the art. Amazing.

37.) Sarah Williams @sarahskyann

I believe that our connection to nature is vital— I set out to explore the ways in which we discover and strengthen that relationship.” Never a more true word has been spoken. This narrative speaks to adventure lovers and something that is perfectly demonstrated in her work. Sarah captures the great outdoors with love and care.

38.) Valerie @trustedtravelgirl

Valerie is such a character. Her vivacious personality marries so well with her work which makes it all the more fun to see. Her smile lights up a shot and gets you excited to plan your next adventure. Her photography does just that, it inspires and motivates us to get out and be just like her.

Wildlife Adventure Photographers

40.) Lisa Kytösaho @lisatorajaqueline

This inspiring young Swedish lady is one to follow if you love safari wildlife and are impassioned in your love of protecting nature. Lisa Kytösaho shares wonderful images of the wildlife of South Africa but it also heads the Western Cape Cheetah Conservation.

41.) Sakthi Vel @sakthiraasai

Another safari favourite of ours, Sakthi uses his incredible skills as a photographer to capture great images of the wildlife in the African outdoors. He has a particular fondness for leopards and you’ll fall in love with these furry creatures too after seeing these pics.

42.) Julia Wimmerlin @juliawimmerlin 

A professional photographer, Julia uses a range of subjects to explore her immense talent in this field. Her images of women in a variety of poses are certainly inspiring, but it is her wildlife photography that is truly breathtaking to behold.

 43.) Tim Flach @timflachphotography 

Utterly encaptivating photography from the immensely talented Tim Flach. You have to see it to believe it in the case of this man’s work. Who would have thought it would be possible to get so close to some of the animals depicted on his account, and yet, somehow he depicts nature in an incredible way.

44.) Jennifer Medrano @wat.ki

Follow this awesome foursome in their four-legged adventures around the globe. 2 dogs, a cat and pigmy hedgehog join Jennifer in exploring the great outdoors and you need to join them by following their account asap.

45.) Johanna Vaurio-Teräväinen @johannavauphotography 

Johanna hails from Southern Finland and if you’re as much as a fan of horses in photography as we are then you’ll love her account. Featuring images of these furry friends alongside her adorable children you will fall in love with the life that this woman leads.

46.) Danielle Fulsher-Walton @Daniellewaltonphotography

Combining her love of photography and the Icelandic horse is the talented Danielle Fulsher-Walton. Using the horses she raises and trains herself as muses for her stunning images you will come to share her love of this incredible breed amidst the backdrop of the wild west of Alberta, CA.

47.) Konsta Punkka @kpunkka

This profile is utterly charming. You feel instantly more whimsical, as if part of a real like Alice In Wonderland, feeling and seeing what the woodland creatures see and cheerful, artistic and totally devine, An unsung hero!

48.) Jackson Groves @jackson.groves

Jackson dances between the line of extreme sports and wildlife. Jackson is a master underwater photographer in our eyes. Capturing the raw inspiring nature his native Australia and beyond. From turtles to stingrays and more, Jackson mixes bright vivid colour with the motion evoked by seeing wildlife in its unencumbered form.

49.) Jennifer Hayes @jenniferhayesig

As a national geographic contributor, Hayes is absolutely smashing the underwater photography. We see seals, polar bears, penguins, sharks and jellyfish with such clarity as if they were in front of our eyes. Her unquestionable natural talent is amazing to see!

50.) Kat Stewart @katstewart01

Kat isn't a wildlife photographer persay, but she is certainly talented at capturing the windblown and rugged landscape of Scotland and the local wildlife, wild horses, highland cows and sheep pictured in all their glory. Kat is a real champion of the land she holds so dear, showing us a new side of Scotland.

51.) Kristle Wright @kristlejwright

What.A.Talent! From extreme sports, climbing and hiking etc to capturing penguins and marine life, Kristle is an exceptionally talented cinematographer. She embodies strength and perseverance in the quality of her images we see a true adventurer!

52.) Valerie Derome @valerie_deromemasse

Valerie, well where do we begin, we cool clean minimalism, letting the subject speak for itself, Valerie lets the local wildlife, flora and fauna and mountains of Canada communicate with the viewer. She has matured capturing the personality of her subjects, seeing the emotion evoked from the animal.

53.)Tiffany Nguyen @tiffpenguin

When someone's kind and embracing personality shines through their work you know they are a special find and this is true with Tiffany. With a true appreciation for nature and the outdoors, Tiffany leaves no stone unturned.

54.) Daniel Valerio @valeriolife

People and places and everything in between, Daniel is such a varied talent. From shooting the emotion and character of his living subjects to brings nature to life, Daniel has mastered it all!

55.) Yeliz Sevin @yelizimsevinim

Yeliz is absolutely, unequivocally incredible. Her portraits of people from around her native turkey bring emotions to the surface. Seeing Turkey, the sad, the happy, the people with less, the people with more, its something that has to be experienced. Take her profile in, not to be glanced at but to be devoured.

56.) @yngwiescheerlinck

The moody, the mysterious, the dark and emotional, the images are simply divine. The Belgian student certainly has a bright future in photography ahead, we simply can't get enough of the spooky, Tim Burton vibes we get from his feed. Totally beautiful.

57.) Chris Collacott @avisionphotography

Chris is the master of high res, the colours are provocative, nature- stunning. Again Canada needs little help to look amazing but Chris took the already blessed nature, turned up the colour pop and the resolution and birth a photographic gift to the world.

Snow Adventure Photographers

58.) Brendan Durrum @brendan_durrum_photo

We’re amazed this outstandingly talented photographer sits below the 1000 followers mark. As soon as you take a quick peek at his insta profile you’ll instantly be transported to a world of full throttle freeride as he playfully explores the mountains of home with his friends.

59.) Christina Lusti @christinalusti

Revelstoke - the powder skiing mecca of British Columbia, nigh the world.  Follow Christina as she takes powder to new extremes. Her insta is full of awe-inspiring video footage, birds-eye views of stunning peaks and a fair few shots of skiing for good measure.

60.) Gil Fish @gil_monty_photo

Have a look at Gil’s candid expression of life as a ski seasonnaire on the slopes of California. This rocking gal is a true demonstration of spectacular snowboarding as she nose grinds her way through the turns.

61.) Giulio Salzani @giuliosalzani

Any pictures of the Dolomites are incredible no matter what the medium but Giulio takes their wonder to new heights with her photography. As she reaches for the peaks of this stunning mountain range you can follow her on her journey with a cheeky follow.

62.) Irene Munguía @iremunguia

Freeride lovers return to Chamonix season upon season for a reason. Irene Munguía can show you why. This incredibly talented skier and photographer will take you on adventures to the far reaches of the resort and wish for winter all year long.

63.) Janice Power @janicepowerphotography

Photographer, snowboard instructor and self-proclaimed adventurer do the talents of this woman know no bounds? We’re in love with her recent images from her trip to the powdery haven of Japan, check it.

64.) Mathis Dumas @mathis_dumas

We’re in love with the work of this very special photographer. You may have seen him featured on our own Instagram because we’re so enamoured with him. But don’t just take our word for it, have a peruse at his account to get over those Monday blues.

65.) Mirte  @mirtewashere

Mirte is the one, the only, the amazingly talented adventurer that we are proud to declare as one of our idols. This incredible woman has just come back from an adventure in Japan and is about to head to the stunning Stubier Glacier so give her a follow and don’t miss her and her empowered snowboarding chicas on their travels.

66.) Robert Grew @robert_grew_photography

The stoke is real and tangible with this photographer. Indeed, his photography allows us to explore the often underestimated beauty of skiing in the Scottish mountain ranges. Considering a holiday to Scotland after seeing his work? Us too!

67.) Dave Searle @searlerdave

One to represent the Brits in the French Alps is the talented Dave Searle. As a mountain guide, you can get a unique perspective of the alps with his photography. Follow as he climbs, treks and skis down the mountain of this spectacular vista.

68.) Henrik Windstedt @windstedt

Åre, Sweden is one of those ski destinations that is becoming ever more popular for the snow-hungry amongst us. Henrik is there to prove that bounds of adventure is to be found in our home country of Sweden. Check him out as he blasts down the slopes of this awe-inspiring destination.

69.) Blake Jorgenson @blakejorgenson

Whistler, Canada - the place where powdery dreams are conceived. Blake Jorgenson demonstrates in stunning style why this destination is the mecca for ski bums worldwide.

70.) Michael Overbeck @michaeloverbeck

Check out this encaptivating image from Bella Coola, British Columbia. Where the snow meets the sea this photo perfectly encapsulates the wonders that are to be found in Michael’s photography.  

71.) Darcy Bacha @darcybacha

Cat skiing with a beer in hand? ‘Why not’ we say! This wonderous photographer finds inspiration from the mountains of her home in the U.S and captivates us with images of incredible landscapes and fun-filled days in the powder with friends.   

72.) @pepfujas

This blue tick account is one you need to see. An inspiration for all of us rebelling against the office lifestyle, this skier and father has found a way to explore the mountainous regions of the globe and shares all with stunning style.

Surfing Adventure Photographers

73.) Iratxe Unzueta @iratxeunzueta

Follow this spectacular fellow on his adventures with his friends SUP and surfing around the globe. He has a certain addiction to sunset surfing photography...and who can blame him! His photos leave us wishing that all of us could looks this elegant on a surfboard.   

74.) Camille @camillerdp

This wonder woman is our new crush in surfing photography. Camille has created a seamless and stunning Instagram account filled with beautiful and strong surfing women in the Philippines. Sunshine, surf and palm trees feature heavily but so do female role models to get you inspired for your next surfing adventure.

75.) Corey Wilson @corey_wilson

We are lost for words on this one. Seriously you need to check out Corey and his incredible photography this very instant. His images are from the world over but our favourites come from the cold depths of the Arctic. This stunning photographer takes surfing to new extremes.

76.) Russell Holliday @russell_holliday

Trick yourself into thinking you’re on holiday every day with Russell’s enchanting surfing photography. Mixing incredible landscapes, daring surfing and candid photos of friends this man is living the life and you should join him.

77.) Diego Weisz @diegoweisz

Follow this man and his dog as he explores the best surfing that Buenos Aires has to offer. You and your furry friend will turn green with envy when you see just how fun it can be travelling the world can be with mans’ best friend.

78.) Tara Michie @ladyslider

Follow this spirited photographer as she documents life on the tropical side of the globe. This very human portrayal of life surfing and exploring the beach make for encaptivating viewing. Her account features happy and natural women enjoying the wonders that nature has to offer.

79.) Lucas Gilman @lucasgilman

This man takes adventuring to a whole new level. If it’s a water sport you can bet that Lucas has photographed it to new extremes. Our favourites hail from the surfing variety though, just have a look at some of the truly terrifying waves him and his friends tackle in their efforts to get the most incredible shots out there.

80.) Olivia Doan @olivia.doan

No matter what age Olivia gives us the courage to pursue our dreams. Constantly championing the rights of young women to chase their goals, Olivia has an incredible instagram portfolio and deserves to sit there among the greats of photographers you need to follow right now.

81.) Claudia Lederer @claudia_ldr

Bring abit of sunshine into your life with Claudia’s surfing photography. From beaches, the world over this talented photographer combines white sands, clear blue waters and surfing gurus to serve up to you a delicious palette of truly enviable photographs.   

82.) Bryanna Bradley Photography @bryannabradleyphotography

If you’ve been to Tofino, BC then you’ll know why it holds such attraction to Bryanna. The waters may be chillier than some of the more tropical beaches but this talented photographer makes the bounties of this surfing haven seem endless.

Extreme Sport Photographers

83.) Angela Percival @Angepercival  

Being Senior Outdoor Photographer for ARC'TERYX Angela is perfectly adapted to a life outdoors. Expressing passion and the true power of nature in her work, Angela perfectly captures all manner of extreme winter sports. From mountaineering to skiing, to ice climbing and beyond, Angela is well worth a follow for any snow capped mountain enthusiast.

84.) @Arveforce

Arve force are the. . . well driving cinematic force behind the amazing Youtube channel Kajsa & Malou two badass freeriding babes. These girls kill it anyway but they are taken to the next level by the formidable talents of Arveforce. Capturing shots for fast moving skiing and other sports plus working in other industries, this page is well worth a mention.

85.) @Himalayanhigh

Himalayan high is a relatively new discovery to us and by jo and we stoked to have found them. Helping us see the raw magnetism of the Himalayan mountain range from the hiking, the mountaineering, the climbing and everything that goes into a no holes barred expedition. Such an amazing account that we are really hooked by.

86.) Seb Jam @jamsebastien

Seb is a total hero, this dreadlock rocking nomad is captivating us with his trips and adventure around the world. 50% of the amazing Seb and Mirte duo, (Mirte also features in this list) these guys make us jealous, angry and wistful all at the same time. Exploring the path less travelled you see countries you thought you knew in a new light!

87.) Michael Clark @Michaelclarkphoto

Michael is an Internationally published, award-winning adventure photographer and a @NatGeoTravel contributor. Seeing the world though Michaels lense is something to be revered. Seeing the natural beauty of the ocean, the mountains and the land captured as if you are seeing it in front of you. Michael helps transport us to a place far far away.

88.) Elise @roundtheworldgirl

Elise is a beautiful soul and an incredible talent. From the mountains to the sea, surfing, skiing and everything in between, Elise keeps us motivated to the next adventure. With passion and dedication to taking the time away from technology actually makes the images all the more powerful. You can feel the sense of adventure. . .

89.) Alexa @Still_stoked

Alexa is killing it, representing for adventure females, Alexa aims to empower and motivate more women to explore and discover the world beyond IG. Alexa certainly never shies away from questioning the status quo. When its raining outside and it’s been a long week, we can check out what Alexa is up to and be whisked away to surf, ski or explore.

90.) Agnes Maltesdotter @undanflykter

Agnes is a real up and coming photography talent. With her minimalistic, quintessentially Scandinavian POV we can’t help but be mesmerized by her work. From the snow capped mountains of Italy to the white sand beaches of Bali and Sri Lanka, Agnes captures the love and affection of her friends, food, beautiful landscapes and that all important surf!

91.) Jordan Bouwer @jordanthecreative

This wonderful photographer hails from the deep South of the African continent. In and around the shores and mountains of South Africa Jordan plays with natural light and uses incredible editing to demonstrate how truly amazing wind surfing on these shores can be. No truer words have been spoken in a bio with this one, ‘the best is yet to come’!

92.) Kyle Ohlson @kyleohlson

Kyle is an all round top guy, with a personaility that transcends his photograhy, we see as though we were traveling along side him. From surf to snow Kyle takes us on a photograhic journey. He uses the Gopro more creatively that we have seen it done before and we cant wait to see what he does as the technolody continually develpes.

93.) Gary Knights @gary_knights

Posting pictures from all manner of water-based extreme sports this account is one you want to follow to get you in the mood for adventure. Gary experiments with different lighting both below and above the waves to produce some truly excellent photography.

94.) Samo Vidic @samovidic

Internationally acclaimed sports photographer is an account you want to follow to see just how much the human body can achieve. From skiing to cliff diving these photos are what you need to put mind over matter on a Monday morning.

95.) Ryan Robinson @handsomerobinson

Trust yourself, trust in nature and trust your balance. These three principles are something you can learn from the photography of Robinson. Stunning images from incredible heights all over the world with only a simple piece of rope connecting you to the mountains surrounding you.

96.) Chase Reinford @adrenaline.addiction

Chase has perfected the art of projecting a personality in his Insta account. Through videos, awe-inspiring images and pics of his cute dog we can’t help but wish we were on his adventures with him and neither will you!

97.) Ryan Cline @ryan.cline

‘Going through life figuring out ways to make it more interesting while taking photos along the way’ We think Ryan’s bio sums up our motto, your motto and what should be everybody’s formula for life. He used colours creatively as well as perseption, we love his work. 

98.) Jorge Atramiz @jorgeatramiz

Explore life above the clouds with Jorge’s stunning photography. From the seat of his kite you can experience all the best vistas of Hawaii without ever leaving your office chair.

99.) Bartek Wolindki @wolisphoto

Specialising in the incredible work of MTB, Barteck doesn't limit his talents to the dirt track and instead shows us incredible nature as well. Using a dark frosty colour scheme, paired with the thrill that comes with down hill, his works are exciting! 

100.) Andrew Peacock @footloosefotography

Andrew has refined his talents and still managed to be a "Jack of all trades". Demonstrating ability and attention to detail in his works with wildlife, sport and more. With great use of colour and perspective, we love Andrews body of work!

101.) John Carter @jcwindsurf

Windsurfing doesn't get the love it deserves on IG, certainly not in the mainstream. This very modest IG feed doesn't even touch on the spectrum of John's capability. A strong and talented photographer, John captures the daring and energetic moments of windsurfing with ease. Effortless and amazing. 

There you have it, 101 Adventure Photographers, from feeds with a few hundred followers to those with nearly a cool million, from the industry professionals to those with a natural ability finding their place in the industry. It doesn't matter about your background, where you are from or how you identify, art and adventure are our common purpose. Exploration and discovery in their most raw and basic meanings. These guys, every one of them, help cast our minds to a land far away, taking us away for just a minute, relaxing us and inspiring us. Follow them, support them and keep them going! That's what adventure photography is all about, as the corny Instagram hype goes, they give us maddddd wanderlust vibes!


Until next time adventurers #FindYourAdventure #YourAdventureIsNext

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