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Surf Camps Around The World: 15 Unforgettable Camps [Video Inside]


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Last updated June 1, 2020

The world’s best surf camps are essentially an adult’s playground. They’re all about great waves and great company in exotic destinations that are stunning enough to take your breath away. Signing up for a surf camp is so much more than a traditional beach getaway. After a day of pumping surf, 

The best camps in the world offer everything from wholesome meals to daily yoga classes, but there’s no denying that the greatest part is the unlimited wave-riding opportunities. The trick to finding the ultimate surf camp for you is looking for an all-inclusive stay or one that allows you to tailor your experience to your exact liking. 

But it’s not all about all-inclusiveness. Some camps are better than others when it comes to good vibes, professional instruction, comfortable accommodation, and surrounding scenery. This list of the 15 most unforgettable surf camps around the world will help you to plan your next surfing adventure with all these factors and more in mind.

Best Surf Camps for Budget Travelers

Rapture Surf Camp, Nicaragua

The Rapture Surf Camp in Nicaragua doesn’t discriminate. Whether you’re simply curious about Nicaraguan surf or you’re a seasoned veteran, you’re welcome at the Rapture surf camp in Nica’s Playa Maderas. The area surrounding Rapture has waves for every level thanks to the consistent conditions and year-round swells. 

The amazing surf is just one of the many reasons to lock in a date with Rapture Surf Camp. Guests love staying at this surf resort, and many of them end up extending for longer than they intended. The house is situated on a hill that overlooks the thick jungles and clear blue waters of Maderas. Costs depend on the time of year, but you don’t have to worry about this surf camp breaking the bank. 

Location: Playa Maderas, Nicaragua

Surfing Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Soul & Surf, India

If you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime, it’s time to start looking into Soul & Surf camps located in Kerala, India. Every Soul & Surf location is worth considering – the company also operates in Sri Lanka and Portugal – but the surf camp in Kerala is especially enticing. 

This is the perfect environment for getting in touch with the ocean while also focusing on mindfulness and meditation. We’re not saying that everyone will love S&S, but if you’re looking for an escape and a place to relax, recharge, and unwind, this is it. The beaches surrounding the S&S surf camp are completely free of tourists, making it the ideal spot for peace and quiet. 

Location: Kerala, India

Surfing Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Lapoint Surf Camp, Sri Lanka

If you’re planning a trip to Sri Lanka and not feeling the Soul & Surf hippie vibes, Lapoint is another contender for the “Best Surf Camp” award. There are quite a few Lapoint surf camps to choose from, each one focusing on a different set of surfing skills. The Sri Lanka location is meant for Levels 1 to 3, making it the ideal surf camp for beginners and intermediate surfers. 

The garden villa surf house is located in Sri Lanka’s Ahangama, situated near a beach that offers the best surf conditions for learning and improving skills. Guests have the option to join in on social activities like yoga, safaris, and adventure activities, but many Lapoint surfers prefer to spend the entire time on the water. 

Location: Ahangama, Sri Lanka

Surfing Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Peaks ‘n Swells, Costa Rica

The beauty of booking a surf camp at Peaks ‘n Swells in Costa Rica’s Montezuma area is that your entire stay is centered around what you want. If you want to lie and the beach, go ahead. If you want to spend hours on end learning surf techniques and theories, by all means, do so. Peaks ‘n Swells has several packages to choose from, and each one can be customized exactly to your liking. 

Female travelers love the “Surfer Girl Recharge” surf camps by PnS. This specific camp gives female surfers the chance to relax, recharge, and rejuvenate through organic meals, yoga classes, massages, and daily surf sessions. There are also family camps, custom camps, and high-performance surf coaching options for more advanced surfers. 

Location: Montezuma, Costa Rica

Surfing Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Bahia Surf Camp & Lodge, Brazil

Bahia Surf Camp started in 2004 by a local Bahian surfer named Beto Dias, who competed professionally back in the 90s. Dias started the camp to develop an awareness of the local culture and environment while teaching people to surf in a safe and regulated environment. 

During your stay at BSC, you’ll be encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle through the foods you eat and the activities you participate in. Surf camp meals are crafted from scratch, using only fresh ingredients and avoiding processed products altogether. But don’t worry, you’ll still be able to crack open a cold one at the end of the day with your fellow surfers. 

Location: Bahia, Brazil

Surfing Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Best Surf Camps for a Midrange Budget

Tiny Whale Surf Lodge, Portugal

Set among the stunning surroundings of Portugal’s Algarve Peninsula, Tiny Whale Surf Lodge has been featured in major publications like The Guardian, Surfing Magazine, and SUP International. This surf and adventure camp certainly deserves all the attention it has received over the years. 

Not only is this one of the best surf camps for beginners traveling to Portugal, but it also has access to two incredible coastlines and over 25 surfing beaches. The area is known for its clean waters and well-protected national parks, and Tiny Whale wants to share all this and more with its guests. 

Location: Algarve, Portugal

Surfing Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

BeOcean Krui, Indonesia (Sumatra)

When surfers travel to Indonesia, the main attraction is Bali, but Sumatra is just as good, if not better when it comes to the perfect surf getaway. The best surf camp on the island is BeOcean Krui, and not just because there is a variety of waves breaking at the camp’s doorstep. 

The BeOcean bungalows are surrounded by lush gardens and walk just a few meters off the grounds to get to the beach. There’s an infinity pool, stunning sunset views, and tons of nearby waves to choose from. The max capacity is only 14 guests, so be sure to lock in a spot early if you’re looking for the best surf camp in Sumatra. 

Location: Lampung, Sumatra

Surfing Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Surf Camp Australia, NSW Australia

The motto at Surf Camp Australia is to eat, sleep, surf. The team members live by this motto religiously, and guests quickly pick up these habits as well. Of course, you’ll be able to do more than eat, sleep, and surf, but a huge chunk of your time at the Surf Camp Australia in New South Wales will be dedicated to surfing. 

Visitors can choose between 2 and 7-day surf adventures. No matter your available time frame, your camp will include food, accommodation, transport, equipment, and daily video/progress reports. The cost of your camp depends on a few things, like the duration and whether it’s high or low season, but you should have no trouble sticking to a midrange budget. 

Location: New South Wales, Australia

Surfing Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Alon Surf Resort, The Philippines

Alon Surf Resort is within steps of Siargao’s most well-known surf spot, Cloud 9. After conquering Cloud 9, take a boat ride to Sohoton Caves, discover Sugba Lagoon, or just chill on the white sand beaches of Siargao. This surf camp is as close to Cloud 9 as you can get, which is just an added perk to the peaceful vibe, comfy accommodations, and mouthwatering food. 

Location: Siargao Island, The Philippines

Surfing Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Koala Surf House, France

If you’re looking for tropical vibes for your next surf vacay, it’s unlikely that you’ve even considered a trip to France. France should be at the top of any surfer’s bucket list, though, specifically a town situated on the French Atlantic Coast called Hossegor. Hossegor is home to powerful waves, world-class breaks, and the best surf camp in France: Koala Surf House. 

The Koala Surf House will act as your home away from home. It’s more than just a hostel at Koala, it’s a family. Space is bright and welcoming with several chill-out spots mixed in with the dorm rooms. This is the perfect place for shared experiences with like-minded people, bringing together beginner and pro surfers from all over the world. 

Location: Hossegor, France

Surfing Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Best Luxury Surf Camps

Salina Cruz Surf House, Mexico

Mexico’s Salina Cruz Surf House is located in the country’s Oaxaca province, which many people consider to be the surfing capital of Central America. The area gets hit with powerful southern swells all year long. This surf camp is situated next to the best right-hand sand point breaks you can imagine. 

A typical day of surfing with Salina Cruz includes waking up at 6 am, grabbing a quick coffee and a bite to eat, rolling out around 6:30, and get barrelled and ripped from 7 am to lunchtime. The afternoon is all about taking a break and chilling with the other members of the Salina community, so you’re bound to make some lifelong friendships along the way. 

Location: Salina Cruz, Mexico 

Surfing Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Lucero Surf Retreat, Costa Rica

Lucero Surf Retreat is a true believer in the Pura Vida and appreciating the simple things in life. That’s exactly what you’ll get to do during your stay at this Costa Rica surf camp in Santa Teresa. This is the ideal spot if all you want from vacay is to enjoy some warm waves, beautiful beaches, sunny days, delicious food, good company, and pounding surf. 

Location: Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Surfing Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Pata Sudaka, Hawaii

The Hawaiian island chain has always and will always be one of the greatest surfing destinations in the world. The island of Oahu is one of the most magical places on Earth, and not just for honeymooners or beachgoers. This is a surfer’s paradise, and Pata Sudaka surf camp offers the opportunity to take full advantage of Oahu’s surfing magic. 

Pata Sudaka has options for 7 or 10-day surfing excursions, organizing everything from the beachfront accommodations to the private island tours. You can’t even call it a “camp”, it’s more like a luxury Hawaiian getaway that combines yoga, surf, culture, food, and adventure activities. 

Location: Oahu, Hawaii

Surfing Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Rincon Surf Resort, Puerto Rico

Rincon Surf Resort is one of the best surf camps for beginners traveling to Puerto Rico. The surf accommodations are located in a private location overlooking Sandy Beach, which is one of the most beginner-friendly beaches in PR. Surf packages range from 4 nights to 7 nights that come with a base level of amenities/activities with optional add-ons available. 

Location: Rincon, Puerto Rico

Surfing Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Vanimo Surf Lodge, Papua New Guinea

Even though we and many members of the surfing community consider this next one to be one of the best surf camps in the world, Vanimo Surf Lodge in Papua New Guinea enjoys keeping a low profile. They’re not about flashy marketing and they never claim to be the best. 

But even with their low profile status, the idyllic waves surrounding Vanimo are difficult for any passionate surfer to pass up. The good news is that you’ll almost always have an entire break to yourself since Papau New Guinea is so undervalued; at any given time, there’s likely to be only 3 or 4 fellow surfers on a break. 

Location: Vanimo, Papua New Guinea

Surfing Level: Intermediate, Advanced

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