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Your Next Surfing Vacation: 15 Must Go Trips for Any Budget
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Last updated June 1, 2020

Once you’ve tried surfing for the first time, the world is your oyster. Embarking on the world’s best surfing vacations is an amazing way to experience new cultures, chow down on fresh seafood, chill by the water’s edge, and of course, ride some of the best waves all over the globe. 

A surf trip doesn’t have to be all about the surf, though. Sure, it’s a major part of the journey, but when you choose one of these 15 must-go trips for surfers on any budget, you’re in for so much more than you bargained for.

Budget surfing vacations

Soul & Surf, Sri Lanka

Soul & Surf is a well-known name among traveling surfers. The company specializes in cheap surf trips for all surfing levels. Our fave Soul & Surf location is nestled between the best waves of Sri Lanka in a truly lush jungle location. They’ve got an option for an all-inclusive package that includes accommodation, food, surf, and yoga, or you can pay as you go.

The surf and yoga school is located on Sri Lanka’s southern coast in Ahangama where the people are friendly, nature is breathtaking, and waves are powerful. The best part of signing up for a Soul & Surf camp is that you’ll be able to dip your toes into a little bit of everything: surf, yoga, social gatherings, flavorful Sri Lankan food, and spa treatments.

Easy Surf Maroc, Morocco

Up for taking a surf trip to Africa? If so, then it’s time to set your sights on the continent’s ultimate surfer’s paradise, Morocco. Easy Surf Maroc is the country’s top-rated surf school that does what it can to share its love for surfing, the ocean, yoga, and Moroccan culture with surfing travelers like yourself. 

The entire premise behind Easy Surf Maroc’s business model is to create a place for guests a place that feels like home, but also to make your surfing holiday as easy and carefree as possible. The surf school has coaching options for beginner, intermediate, and advanced surfers. These lessons are within steps of the Easy Surf accommodations, so you won’t have to go far to catch a few waves. 

Puerto Escondido Surf House, Mexico

Mexico’s West Coast is home to hundreds of surf vacation packages, but none of them compare to the Puerto Escondido Surf House in Oaxaca. This surf school has been around since 2006, always prides itself on providing professional surfing instruction, comfy accommodations, and friendly service. 

The surf house rooms are pretty basic, which is perfect for budget-weary travelers, but you’ll have easy access to everything you could ever need. Your room will either overlook the ground’s gardens or the beach, but no matter which one you book you can count on a budget-friendly price. Whether you’re traveling to Mexico solo, as a group, or with family, definitely check out PESH. 

Conviento de Lobos, Chile

A trip to Chile calls for surfing, and one of the best places in the country to make that happen is in Punta de Lobos. Conviento de Lobos Surf & Yoga Eco Lodge is located on the main beach of Punta de Lobos, and it’s the perfect choice for travelers on a budget. More specifically, this is ideal for surfers hoping to find a bit of luxury for a low price. 

So what’s so great about surfing in Punta de Lobos, you ask? The area is one of the most exposed points in Chile, so there is no shortage of consistent swells and world-class waves. If this is your first surf trip, maybe consider a more beginner-friendly surf spot. But if you’re comfortable on a board and hoping to test out your skills, Conviento de Lobos is THE spot. 

Harana Surf Resort, Philippines

It’s easy to travel to the Philippines and live like a king without your bank account begging for mercy. This is exactly what you can expect if you’re planning a trip to Siargao’s Harana Surf Resort. Haran provides first-class service and first-class accommodations, but the team here believes in offering a competitive price for people of all ages, walks of life, and budgets. 

Guests of Harana have the option to book only a room, but why do that when you can book an all-inclusive surf and yoga camp? Each camp is 8 days, 7 nights and includes accommodation, airport transfer, daily lunch, surf lessons, an hour-long massage, and more. These camps aren’t year-round, so you’ll have to check the site to see about upcoming dates. 

Your regular surfing vacation

Surf Mayo, Ireland

For some odd reason, Ireland isn’t dropped in the conversation too often as people discuss the best surf destinations in the world. But it should be – Ireland is home to some massive waves, powerful swells, and Kelly Slater himself has even dubbed Irish waves as some of the best he’s ever surfed. If you’re up for the challenge (and cold water) check out Surf Mayo in Westport. 

Surf Mayo doesn’t offer accommodations, but when it comes to surfing, this company has got you covered. This was one of the first surf schools to open in Ireland, and it’s 100% approved by the Irish Surfing Association. The instructors are evaluated every year and they always abide by ISA rules and regulations. For this reason, Surf Mayo is the top pick for families traveling to Ireland for a surf vacay. 

Mancora Surf Villa, Peru

Peru’s Mancora Surf Villa is all about the zen vibe with a bit of excitement. The Mancora villa is steps away from the Pacific Ocean, so you’ll be able to walk directly from your cabin into some of Peru’s best waves. After surfing, paddleboarding, and kayaking, feel free to attend a yoga class and follow it all up with a healthy meal. 

If you choose to sign up for the all-inclusive package – Mancora calls it the Retreat Package – you’ll get 7 nights accommodation, all meals, yoga, massages, and surfing. This is a perfect choice if you need a proper detox; Mancora has a specific detox package that is all about resetting and unplugging for an entire week. 

Moka Surfhouse, Portugal

Some of the best surf vacations are located up and down Portugal’s coastline. Ericeira is one of the most-visited surfing spots in Portugal, and a huge reason for this is that it’s home to Moka Surfhouse. Moka is located just outside of the busy heart of Ericeira, surrounded by nature, good vibes, and year-round waves. 

Similar to Mancora in Peru, Moka offers its guests a place to unwind and reset. Book here and you’ll have easy access to the right atmosphere for peace of mind and tranquility. As you improve on your surfing techniques, break up the time with daily yoga classes and wholesome meals. 

Nomad Tropical Surf Resort, Indonesia (West Sumbawa)

In almost all conversations about surfing in Indonesia, Bali is the first word that comes to mind. But there’s a lot more the Indonesian surf than the touristic island of Bali. If you’re trying to avoid crowded waves and drunk Australians, head to the island of West Sumbawa instead. The vibes are way more chill here, but the waves are just as good. 

Nomad Tropical Surf Resort is West Sumbawa’s prime spot for surfers of all levels. The area surrounding the resort is home to easy wave riding for beginners, and advanced surfers will love the fact that they can conquer waves all to themselves with absolutely no crowds whatsoever.

Luxury surfing vacations

Pura Vista Eco Villas, Costa Rica

If money is no object when booking a surfing vacation package, check out Pura Vista Eco Villas in Pavones, Costa Rica. Each room is custom-designed with insanely impressive architecture, but try not to stay in your room too much. Steps from the villas are some of the best surfing spots in Pavones, like Punto Banco and the main Pavones Surf Break. 

Pura Vista believes that all guests should be able to customize their surf vacations based on personal preferences. This is the main reason why Pura Vista doesn’t offer all-inclusive surf trips but instead allows guests to pay for services as they go.

Kima Surf Camp, Indonesia (Bali)

We can’t talk about the best surf trips around the world without at least mentioning Bali. Although some surfers find surfing in Bali a bit tedious because of overcrowded waves, it’s still considered one of the best surf destinations in the world. For a surf trip to Bali, check out Kima Surf Camp. Kima is all about luxury in every sense of the word. 

There are several Kima locations throughout the island, but the one we recommend most is the Seminyak surf camp. The accommodations are cozy and comfortable while also staying true to authentic Balinese style. Within walking distance of Kima, you’ll find legendary beach breaks like Halfway, Padma, Gado-Gado, and KuDeTa. 

Playa Sayulita Surf Villa, Mexico 

Playa Sayulita Surf Villa in Mexico’s Nayarit province is the ultimate surf trip spot for living a life of luxury, even if it means for just a week. Guests stay in one of 30 oceanfront villas, each one with its own individual design and flair. The best part about choosing Sayulita as your next surf destination is the rare black and white beaches that are unique to the area. 

The waves near the surf villa are perfect for all skill levels, even if you’ve never surfed a day in your life. There are two popular surf spots nearby, one that breaks left and one to the right. You can either rent a board and head out on your own or sign up for lessons with a Sayulita local. 

Bannisters by the Sea, Australia

If you’ve ever traveled to Australia, you know that a trip here won’t come cheap. It might break the bank a bit, but booking a surf camp with Bannisters by the Sea in New South Wales will be entirely worth – even if that means eating Ramen noodles for weeks once you’ve returned home. 

The Mollymook Beach Bannisters location has a few packages to choose from. Keep in mind that this luxury resort isn’t all about surfing, but there are plenty of surfing opportunities that can be organized by the resort team.

Surf Vacation FAQs

Where is the best vacation where you can surf? 

As you can see from our list above, you’re not short on options when it comes to booking a surf vacation. The trick to choosing the right one for you is establishing a budget, focusing on a location, and keeping in mind your skills level. It’s always a good idea to do some research on the area before jumping the gun and booking a surf trip. 

What does a surf vacation cost?

The cost of your surf trip is entirely dependent on the location and the specific surf provider you’ve chosen. It doesn’t matter if you’re short on cash or a billionaire, there’s a surf trip out there that can fit your exact budget. 

Do you need to be an experienced surfer to sign up for a surf vacay?

Absolutely not. There are beginner-level waves all over the world that are perfect for newbies. However, it’s a good idea to check the surf school you’re considering to make sure that they have beginner-level courses before booking. The good news is that nearly all of them do, and you can count on them being psyched that you’re ready to learn. 

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